What's new
- Updated to support Paper 1.20.6
- Updated to MM 5.7.0 #5090
- Added Bogged Entity + DropTable, disabled as default
- Added Breeze Entity + DropTable, disabled as default
- Added more info

rmation in packinfo.yml
- Tested With 5.6.0 Free/Premium
- Tested With Paper #426
- Added Trident & Nautilus Shell drops to Drowned, but only if the mob are holding the item
- I changed the way "Elder Guardian" spawned in last update, but I got told a better way and I am using that, now it's working without problems
- Tested with Paper #392 1.20.4
- Tested with MM Premium #4929
- Added newest configuration folder for newest MM versions, and kept the old for older MM versions.
- Added all hostile babies, however I haven't got the time to test if it's actually doing something
- Increased REPLACING delay for Elder Guardian
- Renamed all files (delete old files)
- Fixed "Elder Guardian" despawning in ocean monuments
- Changed DISPLAY name colors
- Updated config.yml to v5.5
- Removed "AttackSpeed" as an modifier
- Fixed Damage and Health modifiers
- Added Health and Damage options for all mobs, ensuring proper functionality of modifiers. Default vanilla values are maintained prior to any increases.
- Added additional details regarding the process for activating various configurations.
- Tested with MythicMobs Premium v5.5.1
- Tested with Paper #318
- Added a "packinfo.yml"
- Added a config.yml (Pre-made to fit world, world_nether, world_the_end with World Scaling Levelling)
- Changed in RandomSpawning "MobType" to "Type"
- Added "AlwaysShowName" option to all mobs