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Voidian Slayer - Mmocore Class Pack

Voidian Slayer - Mmocore Class Pack 1.4

- Made Small Changes to the Class file to fit some of the new mmocore damage.
- Changed the Mythiclib Skill Files into one file instead of 8, which should make installation a bit easier. (if the pack is already working fine no need to update)
- Mostly wanted to do this to parody newer packs coming out.
Ver 1.2 Notes:
- Changed how the damage was registered by using the mmodamage mechanic instead of the regular damage mechanic. This shouldn't change anything except maybe make it a little more consistent with buffs and such. Also, this will be the standard going forward with some other stuff.

If there are any issues, please let me know!

The pack should work with 1.19 and all the newest versions of the MMO/mythic plugins.

I am also back and plan to continue making more packs.
- Made skills slightly more consistent by removing the immunity frames entities gained when getting hit on certain moves. (Mostly improves Void chain and Child of the void)

To update change the Voidian_slayer.yml in the MythicMobs -> Skills folder