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Ahhh, i see you have encountered these so called watchers of evil..
Some even call them demonic eyes, they will even give seasoned warriors the shivers haha.
They say that they haunt the night sky in search of pray, that they are little more than a pest.
Easy to kill.

But i know better, these vile beings, are always searching of something, something not yet known to me.
For what i have heard, from story,s and legends, these creatures are called Seekers.
Demons, created for the soul purpose of finding ancient relic's, sources of magic or something beyond that.

But there is one thing i know for certain...
They are the first, other beasts, monsters, or even demons are soon to follow!

The Seekers are a simple, scary yet fun addition to your mob collection.
They come in 3 sizes:
Large: Growseeker, Damage: 3, Health: 12
Medium: Mowseeker, Damage: 2, Health: 7
Small: Glowling, Damage: 1, Health: 2
Each of them has the ability to fly!

The stats, damage and health may no be impressive.
But they hold a nasty surprise that can make them a formidable opponent.
When you kill them there is a chance that 0-3 smaller ones will spawn
So you kill a Growseeker up to 3 Mowseekers can spawn.
Each of those can spawn up to 3 Glowlings...

Seekers 5.png
Seekers 4.png
Seekers 3.png
Seekers 2.png
Seekers 1.png

Feel free to use this on your server.
If you feel like it, try to give me some credit.
You are not allowed to sell, share, claim as yours these files..
Just give them a link to this page :D

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  1. a small fix

    fixed the invisibility

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Great mob pack I've been using this forever but I updated my server and I'm now getting this error in console any idea why?
[MythicMobs] ✗ Compatibility Error for 'LibsDisguises': Disguise 'MemorySection[path='Glowling.Disguise', root='YamlConfiguration']' is out of date! Please update this mob to the new disguise syntax.
Very cool entities! it is a rar file so you have to change file extension to .rar but everything works fine even on 1.19.2!
The zip file isn't even a zip file, it cannot be opened within file explorer due to it being invalid and can only be opened as a Rar5 archive when in the server files. This can hardly be called a mob pack.
It just lacks the invisibility effect!
it has been fixed now thx for telling me XD