1. SilentTail

    Dark Nature Theme - Resource Pack | Inventory + All Usable Blocks | 25+ Menus! 2.0

    Change all GUI's into a Beautiful Dark Nature Theme! - Easy Drag & Drop Resource Pack - One of a kind All Blocks up to 1.19 Supported! Any issues, contact: !SilentTail#1192 Some Examples: ESC Menu:
  2. Lothari

    "The Seekers" 1.2

    Lore: _________________________________________________________ Ahhh, i see you have encountered these so called watchers of evil.. Some even call them demonic eyes, they will even give seasoned warriors the shivers haha. They say that they haunt the night sky in search of pray, that they are...
  3. T

    Elemental Mobs Pack 2018-01-07

    Here are some variations of normal mobs. Fire mobs ignite their targets on hit, frost mobs slow their targets on hit, and dark mobs add wither on hit. I threw in some of my bonus mobs too such as gravity and charged. Gravity mobs either pull you in or throw you away. Charged mobs are just quick...