1. Rumi Ex Machina

    Pathmaker「1.18.1 | 16x16」 1.1

    Pathmaker, a tale of Gears Introduction: Hello there! Welcome to the Official "Pathmaker" (Former Pen & Paper Tales) resource pack page. Thank you for the interest on my pet project! About Pathmaker: Pathmaker is the official resource pack for my Minecraft Server of similar name...
  2. Funkychicken493

    Ambient Mobs [BETA] Update 3

    Simple vanilla like mobs! Just drag the files into their respective folders! The prefix is "AM". These mobs require Lib's Disguises to function properly. Great for people new to MythicMobs to use! Designed for 1.16.3, may work on higher versions. ***NOTE THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE RANDOM SPAWNS...
  3. Lothari

    "The Seekers" 1.2

    Lore: _________________________________________________________ Ahhh, i see you have encountered these so called watchers of evil.. Some even call them demonic eyes, they will even give seasoned warriors the shivers haha. They say that they haunt the night sky in search of pray, that they are...