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RPG Pet Pack | Giga Bundle 1.0

  1. 1.19
Required Dependencies
MythicMobs, ModelEngine, MCPets

RPG Pet Pack | VOL 7 - Rangers (Link to product page)
RPG Pet Pack | VOL 8 - Enchanters (Link to product page)

Add 16 pets to your game!
This pack contains 16 pets with unique skills that will make your journey better.
Summon your Archmage to stun enemies with thunder, summon your elementalist to enjoy 4 different elemental abilities!

This pack contains:
  • 3 Versions Included - Original Version / Simple Version (Without level system) / CleanVersion (Without level system and skills)
    • Original Version: Contains level system and pet skills
    • Simple Version: No level system
    • Clean Version: No pet skills and no level system, purely interactable, cosmetics-use pets
  • Archer / Alchemist / Gunner / Beastmaster
  • Mage / Druid / Illusionist / Archmage
  • Shaman / Bard / Cleric / Monk
  • Summoner / Necromancer / Shadowmancer / Elementalist
  • Tons of Pet Skill VFX: Arrow Shot Skill VFX / Power Arrow Skill VFX / Potion Skill VFX / Laser Beam Skill VFX / Flame Bolt Skill VFX / Card Skill VFX / Mirror Clone Skill VFX / Gust Skill VFX / Healing Totem Skill VFX / Crippling Rhythm Skill VFX / Potion Skill VFX / Yang Bead Skill VFX / Yin Bead Skill VFX / Spiritual Blade Skill VFX / Skull Skill VFX / Shadow Pool Skill VFX / Ice Shard Skill VFX / Earth Armor Skill VFX
  • Includes a version of MythicMobs file that only attacks mobs and doesn't attack players
  • MCPets config
  • Premade MCPets level system: Easily customizable!
  • 3 pet food configuration (Common Pet Food / Rare Pet Food / Epic Pet Food)
  • Pet icons for MCPets menu
  • Pet name tag support
  • Interaction Animation: Right-click on pet to play!
  • 6 custom sound effects (Mostly used vanilla Minecraft sounds with adjustments)
  • Emissive skill textures for Optifine
  • Instruction on how to install
  • Resource pack included
  • ItemsAdder config - Easy Drag & Drop! (Supports version 3.3+)
  • Oraxen config - Easy Drag & Drop!

Level System:
  • Pets gain EXP when they are in combat or when they are given pet food
  • 4 premade levels: Common - Rare - Epic - Legendary (Customizable by yourself)
  • Pet stats, skill damage and duration increases every level

  • Archer - Arrow Shot: Your Archer shoots an arrow at its enemy. [Level up: +Damage]
  • Alchemist - Venom Potion: Your Alchemist throws a poison potion that creates a pond of venom. [Level up: +Damage, +Venom pond duration]
  • Gunner - Laser Beam: Your Gunner shoots a burning laser beam at its enemy. [Level up: +Damage, +Burn duration]
  • Beastmaster
    • Power Arrow (Long Distance): Your Beastmaster shoots a powerful red arrow at its enemy. [Level up: +Damage, +Knockback]
    • Beast Attack (Short Distance): Your Beastmaster orders its beast to slash its enemy. [Level up: +Damage]
  • Mage - Flame Bolt: Your Mage fires a flame bolt at its enemy. [Level up: +Damage, +Burn duration]
  • Druid - Gust: Your Druid summons a small hurricane that knocks up nearby enemies. [Level up: +Damage]
  • Illusionist - Mirror Clone: Your Illusionist creates a clone that follows nearby enemies. The clone explodes after a few seconds, blinding nearby enemies. [Level up: +Damage, +Blindness duration]
  • Archmage - Mystic Thunder: Your Archmage summons lightning chains that bounce between enemies, stunning them. [Level up: +Damage, +Bounce amount]
  • Shaman - Healing Totem: Your Shaman places a totem that heals you overtime. [Level up: +Heal]
  • Bard - Crippling Rhythm: Your Bard plays a cursed chord, giving weakness and slowness to its enemy. [Level up: +Debuff duration]
  • Cleric - Holy Buff: Your Cleric gives you regeneration, speed, and resistance. [Level up: +Buff power]
  • Monk
    • Bead of Yin: Your Monk sends its bead of yin to its enemy, damaging and pushing them back. [Level up: +Damage]
    • Bead of Yang: Your Monk sends its bead of yang to you, shielding you. [Level up: +Shield]
  • Summoner - Spiritual Blade: Your Summoner summons and fires a spiritual blade at its enemy. [Level up: +Damage]
  • Necromancer - Necromancy: Your Necromancer summons exploding skulls at its enemy, withering them. [Level up: +Damage]
  • Shadowmancer - Shadow Pool: Your Shadowmancer summons a pool of shadow that pulls in nearby enemies. [Level up: +Damage]
  • Elementalist
    • Fire Chains: Summons fire chains that burn and stun nearby enemies. [Level up: +Damage]
    • Earth Armor: Summons an earth armor on you, shielding you. [Level up: +Shield, +Shield duration]
    • Ice Shard: Summons an ice shard that slows and damages nearby enemies. [Level up: +Damage]
    • Air Shield: Summons an air shield on you that pushes back nearby enemies. [Level up: +Shield duration]

Includes proper ItemsAdder (Supports version 3.3+) and Oraxen config with items packs config. Simply drag & drop to merge resourcepacks!

Already bought some of them as individual products? Open a ticket on our discord to get a discount coupon for the full bundle!

  • Regular Version: Original / Clean / Simple version included
  • Clean Version: No pet skills and no level system, purely interactable, cosmetics-use pets

Dependencies: MythicMobs, ModelEngine, MCPets
Tested on version 1.19.4, MythicMobs (5.3.5), ModelEngine (R3.1.8), MCPets (3.0.1), Resource pack included
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