1. Samus2002

    Christmas | Ultimate Bundle 1.0

    Add 4 Christmas themed Custom Skills, 1 Equipment, and 5 pets to your game! This Bundle includes the Christmas Skill Pack and the Christmas Pet & Mount Pack Each pet has a unique skill that will help you during your combat! All components are Christmas / Winter themed The Skill Pack contains...
  2. Gamita

    Demon pack: Anarchy and Chaos:: Mythicmobs ModelEngine and MCpets patreon_demon_pack

    Now, this product is Patreon: Everyone who bought this pack before and would like to download it again, feel free to message me, I have you on record. (Only the product you purchased at the time will be delivered to you, as now all package upgrades will be for patrons only). LORD OF ANARCHY...
  3. wolf_awwent

    Kirby | CustomModel Pets | Textures Vfx | 1.0.0

    Kirby =This Pack include= – Model of the Kirby with 6 smooth and high quality animations - 2 model VFX - 3 skills - 1 CustomModel items
  4. Gamita

    Miniboss: Little Morgan witch. Minimoragan. 1.0.2

    MiniBoss: Little_Morgan_witch This entity has: -A miniboss, and 2 pets -Compatible up to ModelEngine 3.0.1 (latest) -The miniboss has sounds, you can use the resource pack to use them. Complete package:
  5. Nocsy

    Drakonin Pack 2022-05-10

    The full bundle includes : 8 Baby Drakonins: Hatches from the Drakonin Egg Tameable with golden apples Evolves into the adult form up after feeding enough apples ✨ Follows you everywhere (even without MCPets) 8 Adult Drakonins : Rideable (both ground and air controls) Unique spells for...
  6. Tof

    Clang Bot 2022-04-04

    Trailer (YouTube)
  7. Nocsy

    Yokibird Pack 2022-03-24

    This pack includes : Baby Yokibird (6 color variations): Tameable with apples Grows up after feeding enough apples ✨ 5 animations (idle, walk, death, interactions) Adult Yokibird (6 color variations): Rideable Sprint skill (using Signal Stick of MCPets) 4 animations (idle, walk...
  8. EnderIzzy124

    Izzy's Pets 2022-03-03

    Izzy's Pets! 3 cute little monsters to spice up server lobbies. The pack contains all 3 mobs shown here. A baby creeper, who's too small to detonate on their own, the short Enderman, who's miraculously still taller than you are, and the Micro-Ghast. Nobody's quite sure how they managed to get...