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The teaming function is very imperfect, the wiki of the plugin is too simple, the same configuration is up and down, and the support in discord is very slow. . .
Still working on setting them up, but from what ive seen so far it is going to be great!
im like a little confused, everyone on spigot its saying that the dev abandon the resurce but im here watching the last comment was a few days ago i have found 2 more plugins like this but not gonna say the name for respect to this, also gonna try the free version of this and compare it with the other 2 ones
Getting an invalid plugin.yml error. Looks like the plugin wasn't properly built at all.
Hey there. If you report the error, I may be able to fix it... but nobody else has ever encountered this issue before. Your jar file may be corrupted.
Truly mythical plugin. No great alternative for this -- and it even comes with its own party system.
Insane plugin with tons of versatility, i made a surface dungeon that has massive cliffs and wanted there to be a part where after clearing out a set of mobs, the collapsed rocks explode, no other plugin had smth that worked that way, except in very roundabout confusing methods, while this one gave me an easy to use layout with no confusing sign typing, and a super easy way to understand what was going on. The developer is very responsive and just should be given all the praise. Ive had many issues with other developers, but i assure you that you would not find them with this one.

Please get this plugin instead of the alternatives, this person really deserves the support.
The version 1.1.0 maybe not susccessfull in 1.18.2.When I put it in my server , and it cant allow players and me in
Hey there. I've been testing primarily on 1.18.2 and am having no such issues. Can you please submit a bug report to the issue tracker and provide any console logs, including errors or startup info? https://git.mythiccraft.io/mythiccraft/MythicDungeons/-/issues
Very good Plugin. Please update the funciton about bungee supprot .pls! orz
Used to use DXL, which was a decent plugin. However, this plugin is QoL changing and easier to use. I am excited for future updates :)
Best dungeon plugin i have seen or used.
I hope the plugin can be compatible with itemsadder
so far I've not found an issue with this other than my own understanding. I'm still working on building things out. The documentation is being built out and I'm enjoying the build, worked as intended. I bought a pre-made dungeon, and also got the demo sand dungeon working. I also created a dev dungeon for myself to try to break this (no luck so far). integration with MythicMobs and Model Engine seems to be working fine thus far as well.

Looking to build my own MMORPG with this plugin being a huge part of that effort. great job @marcato
The plugin system is good. The functions and possibilities to make dungeons are endless (and will be even more with future updates), but the lack of some basic functions are bothering me. You can't disable global announcement of deaths (all players in the server receive it, not only party/dungeon members). You can't translate the messages AT ALL, not even the prefix. Integration with Party and Friends would be excellente too.
These are all features that are planned and are on the way. In fact, I added the ability to disable the death message announcement shortly after you brought it to my attention in the support chat...

In short, the plugin is receiving constant updates, and I read every feature request and bug report I get, but I am one person and can only implement features so fast. This isn't my full time job (yet) after all. :)
Guys, thank you so much for this product! I've been looking for the well-done dungeon creation plugin for 5 years, and now it finally exists!
The most amazing dungeon plugin i ve ever seen.But can it support the 1.12 in the future?
Best dungeon plugin to ever grace the internet
Great plugin so far!
Can't wait for room generator update to make cool rogue-like dungeons!
It is the best Dungeons plugin,but i need Chinese translation
Amazing, simply amazing. The plugin that we needed to exist since the beginning of time.
What DXL should have been along, but still better.