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Model Engine—Ultimate Entity Model Manager [1.19.4 - 1.20.4]

Model Engine—Ultimate Entity Model Manager [1.19.4 - 1.20.4] R4.0.6

New Features:
- Load balancer on Culling and Animation calculations
- Added model glow support [Issue 92]
- Added model brightness support [Issue 91]
- Added `Create-MC-META` config [Details]
- Added primitive Step keyframe handling
- Scale 0 bones would no longer send packets [Issue 73]
- Added Priority Selector in animation menu for models using state-machine animation handler
- [MM] SyncYaw mechanic can now target to sync `yaw`, `body`, and `head`
- [MM] Allow using generic items and specifying data, color, and enchant on setItemModel mechanic [Issue 88]
- [MM] Added glow mechanic [Issue 92]
- [MM] Added brightness mechanic [Issue 91]

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed multiple infinity position errors
- Fixed multiple concurrent modification errors
- Updated mount mechanic to use the latest MM API version
- Fixed state machine not removing animations when they are lerping out
- Fixed animations sometimes not stopped
- Fixed animations chugging due to culling lag
- Fixed model invisible if removed and added immediately
- Fixed player model shader
- Fixed animation not imported as lowercase
- Fixed error when .data folder is missing while the server is already running
- Fixed animation interpolated incorrectly
- Fixed animation not playing correctly if rapidly added and removed (affects disguises more)
- Fixed super hyper SSR 6* rare case of entity being invalid when first spawned [Issue 44]
- Fixed Citizens saving
- Fixed player being invisible when rejoining server after disguise in the same server session (server has not restarted) [Issue 103]
- Fixed potion effects not applied to disguised players [Issue 104]
- Fixed compatibility enabling when the depended plugin has disabled itself
- Fixed whitespaces in model saved data would cause loading error
- Fixed WorldGuard `getName()` NPE (because WorldGuard just can't be bothered to fix it, and IT'S NOT MY FAULT THEY USED NULLABLE METHODS WITHOUT NULL CHECKS)
- [MM] Fixed ModelPart targeter using the wrong scale to scale the location
- [MM] Fixed MM mechanics not recognized if using namespace and mechanic alias (e.g. meg:ModelSkin)
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed mount bone position not always initialized (cause teleport to 0 0 0)
- Fixed memory leak with subhitbox not unregistering
- Fixed citizens command not working on entities until modified by /meg menu
- Fixed VFX NPE when not initialized
- Fixed models ignore culling on initial spawn
- Fixed Paper method name changing `isOpaque` to `canOcclude`
- Fixed 1.20+ model not loading
- Fixed subthitbox silverfish error spam
- Possibly fixed meg menu locking players from typing until server restart
New Features:
- Citizens support
- Model configuration menu (/meg menu)
- Dynamic render/hitbox scaling
- Extra summon and disguise command arguments
- Import models directly from Mythic packs
- MEG 3 data converter. Works on entities and citizens
- [MM] `syncbody` attribute on `model` and `vfx` mechanic. Used to set the body rotation to the yaw of the entity. `true` by default [Issue 56]
- [MM] `scale` mechanic
- 1.20.4 support

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed Blockbench format v4.9 not loading textures correctly
- Fixed mount and hitbox bones not despawning all entities [Issue 43]
- Fixed crash related to threads [Issue 51]
- Fixed models getting stuck when added after the first tick [Issue 59]
- Fixed models persisting when the modeled entity is set to not saved
- Fixed visibility not updating when bones are not moving
- Fixed cache file not read on /meg reload [Issue 63]
Bug fixes:
- Removed debug messages when right clicking with diamond
- Fixed model being invisible because render radius default to 0
- [MM] Fixed mount controller being case sensitive
- Fixed bones drifting for some behaviors (nametag, leash etc)
- [API] Fixed FINISHED phase not called
- Fixed models floating a bit on 1.20.2
- Possible fix for server crashing (Issue - 16)
- [API] Fixed driver cannot dismount when mounted model is not main model
- Fixed client disconnect when interacting with model where base entity is not interactable (such as arrow)
- [MM] Fixed ModelPart targeter hard requiring model ID

- Resource pack now use MEG4 icon

New features:
- Config option for generating shader files
- Allow mounting to driver bones of different models
- Hitbox and Shadow visibility
- [API] Auto main mount manager assignment
- [MM] Meta Controllers, check MountModel to see how to use it
- [MM] Movement controller mechanics
- [MM] PartVisibility can now specify to affect all child bones
- [MM] Added save attribute to model mechanic
- [MM] State mechanic now has options to force loop mode or override
- [MM] Added ModState mechanic to change attributes of a state (leprin, lerpout, speed, force loop mode, force override)
- [Experimental] Packet batching. Off by default. Turn it on in config (set Network-Optimization.Bundle-Everything to true)
- [API] BaseEntityInteractEvent
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(This is a merged update with R4.0.1)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed MEG4 reading model data from MEG3 (Issue #7)
- Fixed UnsupportedOperationError (Issue #9)
- Fixed drifty mounting (Issue #11)
- Fixed model loading as leather horse armor
- Fixed model floating in 1.20.2
- Fixed leftover "test" message when right-clicking with diamond (lol)
- [API] Fixed model render distance set to 0 when applied in consumer

New API:
- Methods for creating PriorityHandler and StateMachineHandler
- Exposed forceStopAllAnimation to AnimationHandler
- API for getting in-world locations of bones
- TrackedEntity predicate
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