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MMOBars pack for MMOCore (Free Version)

MMOBars pack for MMOCore (Free Version) 1.0.4

Change configs to fix the alignment issue and typo error for the pack.
Forget to change it . Sorry for disturb you.
- gui texture with vanilla exp bar
If you dont want to use it . adding exp bar with mmobars.
hot fix for wrong textures..
I'm so dumb that forget to remove my gui textures.
- Updating to MMOBars 2.0 resource pack and config
- Changed mmoexp bar postion and style
- Condition in air bar be removed temporary (causing alignment issue sometimes)

There is a pay-version pack with custom bars. (editing resource pack and adding more styles)
Plan to adding more styles and icons/number font ...
If you're interesting with it. You can have a look in the resource.
- Change Bar-format not to cover the selected-item name(if name not to long)
- Added Stamina bar with lightning icon
- Edit article for more information and new preview shot.
If you don't want specific class use that resource (mana, stamina) , config their attribute (max-mana,max-stamina) in MMOCore.