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MMOBars pack for MMOCore (Free Version)

MMOBars pack for MMOCore (Free Version) 1.1.0

Required Dependencies
MMOCore , MMOBars
Required : MMOBars, MMOCore

Icon of article for my personal workshop, maybe I would share or sell more other pack in the future.
Just share with some basic setting.
It should work correctly. If no, please dm me on discord.

- Updating to MMOBars 2.0 resource pack and config
- Changed mmoexp bar postion and style
- Condition in air bar be removed temporary (causing alignment issue sometimes)

There is a pay-version pack with custom bars. (editing resource pack and adding more styles)
Plan to adding more styles and icons/number font ...
If you're interesting with it. You can have a look in the resource.

1.Extract the pack
2.Overwrite the configs to yourserver/plugins/MMOBars/bars
3.Applying the Resourcepack to see the bars.
If you already use your own custom fonts, you need to do some change for default.json.
If you don't want specific class use that resource (mana, stamina) , config their attribute (max-mana,max-stamina) in MMOCore.
Enjoy and Happy hosting !
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Latest updates

  1. Update for MMOBars 2.2.2

    - Fix the alignment due to version updating. - Adding air bar auto invisible when full back...
  2. Fix the not working issue

    Fix the typo error in configs... If not working, please pm me.
  3. Fix-Alignment Issue

    Change configs to fix the alignment issue and typo error for the pack.

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Looks great and is as easy to install as dragging-dropping a few files :]
Thanks for review.