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MCCosmetics - The Ultimate Cosmetics Plugin

MCCosmetics - The Ultimate Cosmetics Plugin v0.8.0

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Features ✨

In the plugin right now

✔️ Cosmetic Hats - You can have these equipped at the same time as normal helmets.
✔️ Cosmetic Off-hand items - you can have these equipped at the same time as other items.
✔️ Backpack Cosmetics - Does not take an inventory slot
✔️ Model Engine Accessories - Spawn any model engine models relative to the player (fully animated backpacks for example).
✔️ Player Emotes / Gestures - Fully animated player emotes (like wave and dance)
✔️ Sprays - Let your players spray paint temporary images on blocks.

✔️ Very easily configured GUI layouts.
✔️ Permissions system to unlock cosmetics.
✔️ Public API so other plugins can equip cosmetics, lock them in place and remove them.

✨ Upcoming Features ✨
These are things we are testing, developing and discussing
✔️ MySQL support
✔️ Color Picker - Let the players pick colors for your tinted models
✔️ Hex color picker - let the player pick any hex color code to spawn models with.
✔️ Being able to put a lead between the player and Model Engine models (to simulate the popular Balloons feature).
✔️Wardrobe system and other ways to preview cosmetics.
✔️ Cosmetic Sets - Spawn multiple cosmetics at once from all the different categories.
✔️ Search mechanic for the player
✔️ Fully cosmetic armor sets (boots, leggings, chestplate and helmet) that you can equip while wearing normal armor.
✔️ Player Particles / Trails
✔️ Pets & Mounts (MC Pets integration)
✔️ Chat tag, title and color picker (placeholder usage to integrate to your existing chat plugin).
✔️ & More that are so early in talks that we don't want to list them.

✨ Included demo content ✨
Everything is included in the premium version of the plugin, the free version comes with cosmetics marked with Free.
This is also the only difference between premium and free.
✨ Pictures & Videos ✨

✨ Partner ✨
Download more cosmetics from mcmodels.net

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Latest reviews

No 1.20 support, wish I would not have bought it :/
Currently broken with no activity on their bug tracker
Please fix the disappearance of embellishments when interacting with mmoitems
This plug is abandonware and has not seen an update since 2022.
It's a really good plug-in, but it's a shame that there's no explanation on how to apply the model engine of the accessory. I haven't applied it yet. I'd appreciate it if you could let me know.
Plugin is great... when it works. Filled with bugs and support, whether on github or discord, leaves messages unanswered for days or even weeks at times. I understand if the devs have other stuff to do, they can't always be on top of the plugin, but considering this is listed on the official plugins tab I was hoping it would have more dedicated support like the others in the category.
support is zero, it is full of issues, I even had to do a 1 day rollback because a heavy error that messed up my server 0/10
Countless issues.... Just... avoid this resource, abandonware, not worked on at all. :/
Great plugin, but can you let me change the message by customizing the set your hat to part?
Can we please get this to support 1.17.1. I've been waiting months for that. Would be a 5 star if it was 1.17.1 T_T