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Great boss, if installed properly works 10/10. Used it on MC 1.20.1
Best mob I have. No...Seriously. This set the bar so high for me looking for other mobs that I am being let down by most custom creations I see. Absolutely fantastic and worth the price.
:3 Thanks a lot! Well if you feel that way, hopefully my next pack will aim to let khyadon behind (until he gets some major updates xd)
Not sure if you've landed into the discord! https://discord.gg/tNkpg86WHd You can check some of these updates there! Its starting to look great!
Amazing boss, good work on the creator. Also very friendly support.
Very freindly and supportive Creator! But it's not only about the Creator but its creation.. This Mob is of a solid quality, including strong MM skills, great animations and even custom sounds... Very aesthetically pleasing, all around!