1. Biguelendes

    The Fallen Heroes: Vol I 1.0

    AVAILABLE NOW AT MCMODELS.NET Remember to join our discord for support and more stuff! Watch the mechanics preview on YouTube! This amazing pack comes as a full experience: High quality models & animations...
  2. Space Doggo

    Oceanic Pack 1.1.2

    Hello! This is the Oceanic Pack! The Pack is meant for 1.16 and 1.17. Any versions prior will not work. This Pack contains: - Ivo, creature of the bermuda triangle - Ivo's minions - 9 Mythic Crucible Items with custom abilities Here is the showcase video: Also the hearts above Ivo shown in...
  3. Biguelendes

    [ELITE BOSS] Lord Khyadon, The master of ethernal darkness 1.0.3

    VISIT OUR DISCORD FOR MORE COOL STUFF AND SUPPORT! Click to watch his showcase video! Lord Khyadon, The leader of "The ethernal twilight" cult, and the only mortal able to control the staff of Ethernal Darkness, he can manipulate space and time, and bring terror...
  4. Buguser

    Herobrine Boss V. 2.1.0

    Join my new Discord server for free mob packs and other resources! Herobrine Boss Mojang has tried several times to remove Herobrine from the game, but without success... Now it is your task to erase Herobrine once and for all! Currently included in this pack: This pack includes the reworked...
  5. sachingorkar

    Skeleton pack ︳five teirs of skeleton types ︳Bosses version 2

    This pack contains 5 different levels of skeleton with abilities like freeze throwing in air caging summoning floating eye ball minions shooting arrows of different potion effects if having any issue in downloading the pack make sure to join my discord
  6. JadeSpy

    Ice Giant Bossfight 2020-05-28

    This is a custom boss fight created using the free Minecraft plugin Mythic Mobs which allows you to add this boss to your Minecraft server! GlowAPI and Libsdisguises recommended! The Frost Goliath boss fight starts by executing the command "mm mobs spawn FrostGoliathBossfight", the battle goes...