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Mythicmobs, MMOitems, Mythicmobs Addon, MythicLibs, Libdisguise, MMOcore

A packs that add 6 new bosses to your server!
Fire Elemental Guardian:

- Fly
- Shoot a lot of projectiles
- Summon at nether execpt warped forest n soul sand valley
Sky Elemental Guardian:
- Walk
- Knock you up with his skills
- Summon at mountains biomes
Frost Elemental Guardian:
- Walk
- Freeze you and also shoot stuff, he also do Frost Burn debuff (I don't copy Terraria i swear)
- Summon at icy and snowy biomes
Divine Elemental Guardian:
- Fly
- Not really an element
- Shoot even more projectile at you
- Summon at biome The End (the dragon pit)
Earth Elemental Guardian:
- Walk
- He like to shred your armor
- A true Earth Bender
- Summon at plains biome (coz im lazy you can add more if u want)
Water Elemental Guardian:
- Swim
- Won't let you go outside the water
- Do water stuff
- Summon at all ocean biome (execpt frozen sea coz it where you summon Frost Element)
All of thier skill is confingurable to fit your server change
their stats or skill damage won't effect too much!
Elemental Guardian Sky Form Fight No Hit (Flawless):
Elemental Guardian Divine Form Fight No Hit (Flawless):
(jk there no flawless)
Here my discord id in case smth go wrong:
I do take commission as well, contact to my discord if ye wish xd
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The fights are fun and difficult! Worth the buy, the only thing I wish is that it came with a prebuilt random spawn file!
Thanks! I was think about the random spawn but i choose spawn by player in different biome instead.