1. RazorPlay01

    DesertPack by RazorPlay01 1.1

    ---------------------------------------------- DesertPack by RazorPlay01. ---------------------------------------------- This is the update of my previous pack called cactuspack in this I have added a new type of mob with a new mechanic and several very random rewards...
  2. RazorPlay01

    ModelEngine-CactusPack 1

    This resource is discontinued. It has undergone a name change that I saw appropriate and soon you will be able to find more updates from the following address:
  3. reaflamegirl

    Scarabs 2021-06-14

    Shiny scarabs for your Minecraft server! They wander, tunnel, and attack players. Comes in lapis, redstone, gold, emerald, diamond, and netherite! Also has a infinite color version shown in the video. Terms of Use
  4. D

    Desert Mob Pack 1.0

    Littleroom Presents... The Desert Mob-Pack! This Collection of Desert and Badlands themed mobs is sure to bring some life to those otherwise barren wastelands. Vulture: A neutral mob that glides across the vast dunes of your minecraft world. Armadillo: A neutral mob that roams the desert...