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Hello everyone! Dante here again with a fresh update to the Dante mob. Sorry for the dry spell everyone, but life has been creeping in the way. Im not as young as I used to be and my free time is scarce.

In any case here is the skinny:

1. Update to 1.15-1.16.5 compatibility (Yayy)
2. completely updated ALL legacy conditions as well as converting ALL of the mobscore system into the score system used in todays MM. (This was replacing about ~1200 iterations of the old mobscore condition. Feel my pain)
3. Fixed bug where Dante would not consume a gold orb that he purchased on death.
4. Fixed a CRUCIAL BUG that went overlooked in the last update. In the last update Dante was set to stop learning all skills after Helm Breaker. This is about 40% of his current skills. A huge oversight and I apologize this wasn't fixed sooner.
5. Removed and commented all Debugging messages. No need to do it yourself, we are in Beta now guys :D
The update you have all been waiting for!
1.11 - 1.14.4 COMPATIBILITY!

I have not added any new features, still fighting for time.
However I was able to bring Dante into 1.14.4

1.11 - 1.12 Dante is unchanges, included his V 0.5 files for this

1.13 - 1.14.4 is another folder

1.14.4 requirements:
MM - 4.6.5-2800 FREE
LibsDisguises 9.8.2-SNAPSHOT-b299 NOT FREE
ProtocolLib 4.5.0-SNAPSHOT
HolographicDisplays 2.3.3-SNAPSHOT

You can disable the JUKEBOX message when the music plays in his theme song skill file.

Some Syntaxes have changed in Noteblocks, /execute command, and Targeters. I may have left some debug features on such as visible armorstands, these are easy to turn off if you find it. (I was in a rush)

I will try to do more in time and squash more bugs, but time is hard to get. Hopefully you guys have fun with Dante in 1.14.4!!!!!

Hello everyone, sorry I have not really been posting regular updates, I have a lot going on right now and do not have as much time as I used to, however I felt that I have neglected my update schedule for too long. This is a rather simple update adding the last ranged weapon I have on the agenda "Kalina Ann" which is basically the most badass Bazooka of all time lol. Right now I have only implemented its basic attack, but once I have the Styles system implemented this behemoth will be a fearsome weapon on the battlefield. Good luck and happy devil slaying ;)
This update includes an intro sequence for Dante WITH THEME MUSIC
"Devils Never Cry" in effect:sound form. File for theme music is seperate in the skills folder.

Also fixed bugs with Lucifer Damage calculations.
And fixed these errors:

------------------------------- ERROR FIXES -------------------------------

Lucifer Damage Calculation skills were set to Cerberus's by mistake.

Error with 'MOBSINRADIUS' targeter: The 'type' attribute must be a valid MythicMob or MythicEntity type.
-- Incorrect attribute: SpiralTargeter

Error with 'MOBSINRADIUS' targeter: The 'type' attribute must be a valid MythicMob or MythicEntity type.
Incorrect attribute: GrenadeLauncherTargeter

Error with 'MOBSINRADIUS' targeter: The 'type' attribute must be a valid MythicMob or MythicEntity type.
Incorrect attribute: GrenadeLauncherTargeter

Could not find AbstractSkill Sweep-CerberusSatelliteDamageCalculation
Could not find AbstractSkill ExecuteSkillList1Rebellion
Could not find AbstractSkill ExecuteSkillList2Rebellion
Could not find AbstractSkill ExecuteSkillList3Rebellion
Could not find AbstractSkill EAIAIPChain2Execute
Could not find AbstractSkill EAIAIPChain3Execute
Could not find AbstractSkill EAIAIPChain4Execute
Could not find AbstractSkill EAIAIPChain5Execute
Could not find AbstractSkill RebellionAbilityLongRange

Lucifer Update!

Added Dante's magical sword quiver Lucifer. This weapon allows Dante to spawn floating swords around him that explode after a period of time. Definitely will provide your players a challenge as well as demonstrate using Armor Stand poses to you. This opens up Dante's move-sets quite a bit and provides plenty of tactical combinations. Also damage is scaled to weapon level ^_^.


Dante will NOT be able to use any abilities for Lucifer until he purchases them. I recommend boosting the amount of Red Orbs he starts with if you wish to have Lucifers abilities unlocked earlier in the fight. As always I am available for support if you need it. Just shoot me a PM or contact me on discord.

Fixed missing skill and mob errors in console. Numerus performance tweaks and bug fixes to many files. Recommend a redownload. Added a method for Dante to switch melee weapons mid combat. Added Cerberus Melee weapon to Dante that has 5 attack skills. AI chains will come in a later update.
Hey guys I went and purchased a server to showcase Dante at!
IP: showcase.devils-den.com

Server is a bit rushed, but should function well! :)
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Added the Grenade Launcher to Dante's Arsenal! Also fixes a few bugs with the Spiral weapon and a few comment fixes and some Mob file bug fixes.

Added Dante's Sniper rifle "Spiral" also changed the purchasing options so you can pay more than I asked if you want to. This applies to future buyers. (This may not work. I haven't tested it with my seller platform yet)

Spiral is a simple weapon for the time being. It fires powerful shots and can be leveled up to level 3. Once I complete the Styles update Spiral will be a much more involved weapon.

This update adds the Shotgun as well as framework for weapon switching.
Also patches a few bugs in Ebony and Ivory as well.
Added damage calculations for Ebony and Ivory upgrade levels.

Shotgun has a basic firing mode and charged shots like Ebony and Ivory.
The rest of the shotgun skills are planned, However they are actually skills from the Gunslinger style. Styles are planned in the future.

Shotgun has only 1 upgrade AI path at this time, but includes Leveling and damage calculations based on each level.

Enjoy the update! More to come <3
P.S I am working on making each weapon an Artifact very soon. Stay tuned!