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| 7 Elementals | 200+ Advanced Skills | Libsdisguise |

| 7 Elementals | 200+ Advanced Skills | Libsdisguise | 2.2.5

- Added FancyDrops to all Elementals + A Hologram on death showing most per player damage
7 elementals.png
- Tested With 5.6.0 Premium
- Tested With Paper #426
- Small adjustments
7 elementals.png
- Tested with MythicMobs Premium v5.5.1
- Tested with Paper #318
- Added a "packinfo.yml"
- Added glowing Elementals upon activating a skill
- All Ice Bullets has been changed to "DISPLAY" bullets
- All Earth Bullets has been changed to "DISPLAY" bullets
- In general optimized projectiles

- Tested with MythicMobs 5.4.0
- Ice Bender's projectiles settings has been adjusted

* Price has been increased, you'll get more advanced skill than you could imagine *
- Changed "Darkness" name to "Dark" (Also Libsdisguise files)
- Added Light Bender
- Added Random Names to all Elementals but it's disabled by default so they still have their default name "*Element* Bender", to enable remove '#' infront of the mechanic line under every elementals
- Water Bender does now work proberly if you want it to spawn underweater
- Fire Bender won't spam ondamaged sound when in lava
- Added stance to all Elementals skills so it will not stack as much, less harder tho
- Fire Bender Skill 3, removed an unnecessary skill and merged it better
- Air Bender Skill 4, removed an unnecessary skill and merged it better
- Added Ice Bender
- Updated Elementals Addon

- Added a new countdown when elementals are spawning
- Decreased sending title to players range
- Added a new Darkness skill "DARKNESS_SKILL_5"
- Added a Blue Fire Shield to Fire when under 50% health
- Re-work of Fire Shield
- Fixed some particles for Elementals
- Removed some unused stuff from Fire Elemental
- Removed Charges from Fire's Shield

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- Added "KillMessages" to all elementals
- Added a new elemental "Darkness" with more advanced skills
- Added EXP drop to all Elementals as a command
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- Fixed Fire Bender "Skill 1" not damaging players when hit ground and players are standing close
- Added "onDropCombat" score to all elementals
- Added more sounds to all mobs and changed some so it fits more to the elemental type
- Water Bender's "WATER_SKILL_2" is now more aggressive

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- Fixed Water Bender not spawning in the middle
- Water Bender now damage players standing close to it on spawn
- Added a new skill to Earth Bender "EARTH_SKILL_5"
- Fixed Earth Bender not using the shield skill
- Changed Earth Bender's shield
- Changed how throwing works in damage skills
- Fixed that elementals would cast shield when spawning
- Added cooldown to all skills
- All elementals now got 50% chance of activating shield every 400 ticks
- Fire Bender will now extinguish if on fire
- New videos on Elementals page