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⭐HappyHud⭐Custom Bars and Number Displays✅Replace Vanilla Look✅Auto Resource Pack Builder

⭐HappyHud⭐Custom Bars and Number Displays✅Replace Vanilla Look✅Auto Resource Pack Builder 0.3.4-SNAPSHOT

Adjusted left layout.
Custom fonts can now have any height that you desire.

Alignments have been fixed on layouts.

Alignments should now more accurately place the starting position.

Added scaling to texture layers to adjust size without changing the actual texture. You can use this feature like this:
        scale: 1.25
        path: assets/sword/fill_health.png
Added back default-outline font.
Fixed issue with overlapping font layers.
Fixed layouts defaulting to center alignment (now right!).
Fixed issue with transparency in functional texture layers.
Fixed static text layers displaying the key instead of the expected text.
Happy New Years!

Today HappyHud 0.2.0-SNAPSHOT is finally being released. Since this is a major update, many configs have been changed and will need to be updated. The most reliable way to do this would be to just delete the HappyHud plugin file and let it regenerate on the next restart. This ensures that everything is up to date and correct.


Massive performance improvements have been implemented to make the plugin perform more efficiently. This mostly involved reducing the number of characters that it took to build a hud. The disadvantage of this is that pack size will be a bit larger but should still compress well. Async scheduling is also used where applicable.

New spacing system for 1.19 which will outperform the old 1.18 version. It is highly recommended to run the plugin on this version because of that.

Alignment options: You can now choose to align either your layout elements or layers to left, right or center. This will dynamically update so you can align text as well.

Unicode fonts: Provided two new fonts “unicode” and “default-unicode”. The unicode font is strictly only unicode characters to display. Meanwhile the default-unicode only replaces characters that are not usually from the unicode font. This means other languages that do not use ascii characters (ex. Chinese) will be able to be displayed. The action bar uses the “default-unicode” font by default.

Outline option: On 1.19+ clients you can now specify whether you want the layer to be outlined like how Minecraft usually does.

The resource pack will now build off the pack file in the HappyHud directory. The built pack will be in the built-pack directory. Make sure to use the resources from the built-pack directory and NOT pack. You may also edit the base pack to add your own shader modifications.

Many internal changes.

Bug Fixes

Fixed huds not appearing on certain intel graphics systems. Thanks Complex!

Fixed huds not updating after a reload.

Fixed action bar messages being cut off.

Fixed hud appearing dark when compatibility mode is enabled.
Added a conversion for legacy formatting.
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Spacing with custom fonts has been fixed.
Added support for multiple default layouts.
Added a layout reset command.
Added support for ascent in font assets.
Added support for changing the translation locale.
Fixed legacy color codes breaking spacing.
Fixed protocollib spam when a action bar was sent a null component.
Added compatibility mode for users that want support for multiple versions at once.
Fixed error when core shader was deleted.
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  • Fixed action bar alignment with custom characters.
  • Fixed layouts not updating after a reload.