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⭐️Boss Mob Pack⭐️ | Model Engine | 6 Bosses

⭐️Boss Mob Pack⭐️ | Model Engine | 6 Bosses 1.08

- fixed knight not returning to idle
- fixed shelob not having active attack AI
- Updated to 1.20+
- Fixed an issue with Knight model on MEG4
- Fixed Knight model on both versions of MEG having two models instead of one
- Fixed Wukong model not playing animations properly
- Fixed untextured surfaces on Reaper
- Added missing death anim on Shelob
- New Sound Resourcepack format to not override other sound files
  • Multiple fixes in error fixes in skills
  • Improved attack casting
- Remade the resourcepack for sounds to remove all unused assets
- Shelob's Spits now shoot 5 projectiles instead of 1 in a cone
- Fixed Samurai Sheathe error
- Fixed placeholder issues when using free version of MythicMobs
- Added a missing sword model for the Knight