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❖ 10 MMOCore Basic Spells Pack for Magic User classes ❖

❖ 10 MMOCore Basic Spells Pack for Magic User classes ❖ 2021-03-27

  1. 1.16
Required Dependencies
(Preferably Premium) MythicMobs, MMOCore
Basic Spells Pack

- Consist of 10 Basic MMOCore Spells meant for Mages/Wizards and the sort.
- Sends Mana Cost messages!

- Flame Bolt

@ A Fire Projectile that has a max distance of 25 blocks.

- Ice Chain
@ An Ice Projectile that has a max distance of 25 blocks and reduces movement speed on hit.

- Frozen Shock
@ An Ice Curse that would leave the target in a frozen state but would be removed once the target has been damaged.

- Lightning Shock
@ A Lightning Curse that would leave the target stunned for 3 seconds.

- Blaze
@ A Fire Curse that would leave the target in a burning state for 30 seconds

- Erosion
@ An Earth Curse that deals 7 damage and deals further DoT (Damage over time) every 3 seconds for 20 seconds.

- Stone Skin
@ Forms a protective aura around the caster that lasts for 30 seconds, also having a 100% chance to absorb all damage taken, the protective aura will disperse once the caster has taken a certain amount of hits.

- Reveal
@ Applies a glowing potion effect on all nearby entities within a 15 radius of you that last for 15 seconds.

- Absorb Energy
@ Restores your Mana Points by 3 points every 3 seconds for 5 seconds.

- Root
@ Immobilizes the target for 5 seconds.

- MMOCore Skill Files
- The number values are not definite and will either increase or decrease every time you upgrade a spell
- There is no set limit for spell upgrades.

- Do not claim it as your own.
- I'm pretty loose on what you do with the resource apart from the before mentioned rules

Join this discord server for support and for future bug fixes = https://discord.gg/bqU9wHeKd6
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Excellent code! and the best free, it helps to review the way to configure for those who have 0 experience. Thank you!
Pretty great. Very clean code, everything works as intended and the spells have nice visuals. Its well made, would reccomend it for a mage class.