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❖ 10 MMOCore Basic Spells Pack for Magic User classes ❖

❖ 10 MMOCore Basic Spells Pack for Magic User classes ❖ 2021-03-27

  1. 1.16
Required Dependencies
(Preferably Premium) MythicMobs, MMOCore
Basic Spells Pack

- Consist of 10 Basic MMOCore Spells meant for Mages/Wizards and the sort.
- Sends Mana Cost messages!

- Flame Bolt

@ A Fire Projectile that has a max distance of 25 blocks.

- Ice Chain
@ An Ice Projectile that has a max distance of 25 blocks and reduces movement speed on hit.

- Frozen Shock
@ An Ice Curse that would leave the target in a frozen state but would be removed once the target has been damaged.

- Lightning Shock
@ A Lightning Curse that would leave the target stunned for 3 seconds.

- Blaze
@ A Fire Curse that would leave the target in a burning state for 30 seconds

- Erosion
@ An Earth Curse that deals 7 damage and deals further DoT (Damage over time) every 3 seconds for 20 seconds.

- Stone Skin
@ Forms a protective aura around the caster that lasts for 30 seconds, also having a 100% chance to absorb all damage taken, the protective aura will disperse once the caster has taken a certain amount of hits.

- Reveal
@ Applies a glowing potion effect on all nearby entities within a 15 radius of you that last for 15 seconds.

- Absorb Energy
@ Restores your Mana Points by 3 points every 3 seconds for 5 seconds.

- Root
@ Immobilizes the target for 5 seconds.

- MMOCore Skill Files
- The number values are not definite and will either increase or decrease every time you upgrade a spell
- There is no set limit for spell upgrades.

- Do not claim it as your own.
- I'm pretty loose on what you do with the resource apart from the before mentioned rules

Join this discord server for support and for future bug fixes = https://discord.gg/bqU9wHeKd6
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I love you! This was just perfect for me to study making skills! Thank you som uch!
Excellent code! and the best free, it helps to review the way to configure for those who have 0 experience. Thank you!
Pretty great. Very clean code, everything works as intended and the spells have nice visuals. Its well made, would reccomend it for a mage class.