1. SilentTail

    RPG Class Management Menu 2022-11-03

    Make a great first-person impression for your players! Impress your community by having a Royal RPG Classes Menu! This will be an intended series of RPG menus, so stay tuned for more! Includes: - Custom Menu - Deluxe Menu Config (Easy Drag & Drop) For any issues, contact: !SilentTail#1192...
  2. daoshi

    Class Pack - Grovekeeper, Oathbreaker, Beastmaster, Afflicter 1.1.1

    Sorry I am absolute garbage with videos and there's no special video effects. NOW FREE - As I have no plans of updating as of right now this pack will remain free. If I become interested again I may update, add new classes and sell it again! But as of now, Enjoy the free code and learning :)...
  3. V

    ❖ 10 MMOCore Basic Spells Pack for Magic User classes ❖ 2021-03-27

    ❖ Basic Spells Pack Info: - Consist of 10 Basic MMOCore Spells meant for Mages/Wizards and the sort. - Sends Mana Cost messages! ============================================ Contents: - Flame Bolt - Ice Chain - Frozen Shock - Lightning Shock - Blaze - Erosion - Stone Skin - Reveal...
  4. MythicCraft

    MMOCore v1.7.1

    From the creator of MMOItems, BountyHunters, and PinataParty, we bring to you a whole new RPG solution! Replacing outdated and popular plugins, we aim to provide people the same customization and features there old favorite plugins used to offer. In development for over 6 months, and bug tested...