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    PandeLoot+ - 1.19.3 & Quality of life

    Check out the discord or github to see all the changes
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    PandeLoot+ - May Update!

    - Pandeloot MM's mechanic will now run sync - Added volume/pitch for the sound flag - Improve MM integration - Global support for MM's placeholders - New placeholders: %rb% - [ || %lb% - ] || %rs% - < || %ls% - > - Fixes with MMOItems generation - Fix NPEs - Support for MM's CustomDrop types in...
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    PandeLoot+ - Various Fixes

    Fix issues with commands permissions and issue with the pandeloot mechanic with the new MM API
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    PandeLoot+ - New MM API Support!

    Support for MM 5.0.3+ and a lot of bug fixes!
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    PandeLoot+ - Fix multiple issues with flags and holograms

    Fix multiple issues with flags and holograms
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    MythicCrafting 1.0

    MythicCrafting is a plugin which adds support for creating recipes inside MythicMobs' items. It works with any version supported by MythicMobs Crafting Recipes: To add a recipe, first head to the item and add a the Recipe and Ingredients key Now you can determine the shape of your craft by...
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    PandeLoot+ 1.73

    PandeLoot is a plugin dedicated to improving the loot/drop experience, be it adding special effects when dropping a mob drop, making only the player with the most damage be able to recieve it or make the player be the only one that can pickup the items they dropped/mined. Remember to Join the...
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    PandeLoot ( Formerly known as MythicLoot ) - Resource page update

    Changed the resource type so it shows as free and can be download from the forum directly, also moved the donation to a hyperlink
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    PandeLoot ( Formerly known as MythicLoot ) - PandeLoot release

    A whole new reworked version :D
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    PandeLoot ( Formerly known as MythicLoot ) - 1.3

    + Projectile damage is tracked now + Multiplier attribute; increases the chance depending of the % damage done. The values can be from 0 to 1, the operation is | chance + multiplier * percentDamage |, percentDamage being damage dealt / mob HP. coal{;c=0.2;ml=0.8} In this example the player...
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    PandeLoot ( Formerly known as MythicLoot ) - 1.2 - Holograms and more attributes

    - Added holograms, you can enable them in a mob with Options.AnnounceScore: true and edit the message in the score part inside MM's config - Added PAPI support - Added <#.damage> which returns the damage done in numbers instead of % - Added <player.damage>, <player.dmg> ( the latter one displays...
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    PandeLoot ( Formerly known as MythicLoot ) - Bugfixes & customizable rank message

    + Fixed quite a few errors so if you ever had experienced weird things with dropTables or simply with errors in console they shouldn't happen anymore + The leaderboard can now be changed inside MM's config.yml
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    PandeLoot ( Formerly known as MythicLoot ) 0.1.6i

    PandeLoot is a free plugin, if you like the resource please do spare a few gold coins. You can download the most recent version at our Discord ( #Updates channel ), to see the source code you can visit our github. Tired of players stealing other players loot when they kill a boss or you simply...