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PandeLoot is a free plugin, if you like the resource please do spare a few gold coins. You can download the most recent version at our Discord ( #Updates channel ), to see the source code you can visit our github.

Tired of players stealing other players loot when they kill a boss or you simply want a deluxe loot/drop experience? PandeLoot is here!

PandeLoot is a plugin able to drop loot per player. The player will only be able to see and pickup their own items and won't be able to pickup items from others! You can even use multiple effects and conditions to enchance the drop experience!

Video Showcase:
Demonstration of per player loot:

Our fancy, super customizable effects:

To learn how to use the plugin, we highly recommend to see our wiki or to visit our discord.

For support, join our discord: https://discord.gg/n6RUGmS
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  1. Resource page update

    Changed the resource type so it shows as free and can be download from the forum directly, also...
  2. PandeLoot release

    A whole new reworked version :D
  3. 1.3

    + Projectile damage is tracked now + Multiplier attribute; increases the chance depending of...

Latest reviews

very helpful plugin with all you need features
Awesome plugin with awesome author. He was kind enough to help me on his discord.
The best complement for an RPG server, it has great features for better gameplay
Thanks for so good plugin! Fast support in github. Thanks for making it open source! I hope more players buy it!
Fast support plugin work good and really cool almost everything configurable. Developer is nice and active. Love it
Amazing plugin, something I have been searching for a long time. Keep up the awesome work!
Perfect plugin for a mmorpg server. Thanks!
This works flawlessly... I don't normally rate resources, this is an expetion. I've been trying to find a feature or have someone design a feature like this for months. I don't know Java or anything in order to make it myself but spent a while researching how it would be done. This is perfect and everything I wanted.

If you run an rpg server. Download this, config it and enjoy it.

It's 100% worth 5 bucks, but the dev is kind enough to offer those 2 links as well.

Update: the dev is kind enough to answer questions via private message... And even try and help you when you are just being an idiot. (make sure you are using the correct mythic mobs)
In the past, I've been looking for these plug-ins, and I've finally found them. And this plug-in works perfectly. Plugin required for RPG servers (very fast support!)
An absolute NECESSITY for any RPG server out there, extremely customizable and would totally recommend to anyone starting out a server that includes any sort of mobs that drop special loot.