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PandeLoot is a plugin dedicated to improving the loot/drop experience, be it adding special effects when dropping a mob drop, making only the player with the most damage be able to recieve it or make the player be the only one that can pickup the items they dropped/mined.

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Core Features
* Per player instanced loot
* Track Damage on Mob Fights
* Reward players depending of their damage
* Boost/Pity System for drops
* Plug and Play, easy to configure and learn
* Deep integration with MythicMobs
* Support for MMOItems and other plugins
* Extremely customizable effects
* Conditions to make sure only certain players get the drops
* Loot Tables to manage how many items are dropped
* Loot Bags (Example Here)
* Trigger system to create complex loot interactions
* Apply flags on item related events

Useful Sites:
Support/Contact: Discord
Wiki: Github
Source Code: Github
If you server does not accept any sort of donations/payments, you can ask me for the plugin Jar in discord. This is meant for developer / friend / for fun servers

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Latest updates

  1. May Update!

    - Pandeloot MM's mechanic will now run sync - Added volume/pitch for the sound flag - Improve MM...
  2. Various Fixes

    Fix issues with commands permissions and issue with the pandeloot mechanic with the new MM API
  3. New MM API Support!

    Support for MM 5.0.3+ and a lot of bug fixes!

Latest reviews

Plugin itself is ok but it seems abandonned and dont get any further updates so better not buying it in current state its a waste of money.
Extremely versatile plugin with an incredible amount of potential. It essentially has everything you'd want in terms of a "drop/loot" plugin for Minecraft. It's literally the only plugin I've managed to find that has instanced drops of any kind. There's a ton of options to fully customize your drops the way you want to. While updates may be in semi-infrequent, the dev is extremely quick to respond to bug reports and often pushes out an update day-of that fixes the issue. Cannot recommend this plugin enough and I look forward to seeing how it evolves!
The plugin is a must for all servers running custom item drops from mobs! In Pande we Trust :pray:
Great add-on for creating custom loot drops! Can be used to create surprisingly complex drop mechanics for any mob you want.