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PandeLoot is a plugin dedicated to improving the loot/drop experience, be it adding special effects when dropping a mob drop, making only the player with the most damage be able to recieve it or make the player be the only one that can pickup the items they dropped/mined.

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Core Features
* Per player instanced loot
* Track Damage on Mob Fights
* Reward players depending of their damage
* Boost/Pity System for drops
* Plug and Play, easy to configure and learn
* Deep integration with MythicMobs
* Support for MMOItems and other plugins
* Extremely customizable effects
* Conditions to make sure only certain players get the drops
* Loot Tables to manage how many items are dropped
* Loot Bags (Example Here)
* Trigger system to create complex loot interactions
* Apply flags on item related events

Useful Sites:
Support/Contact: Discord
Wiki: Github
Source Code: Github
If you server does not accept any sort of donations/payments, you can ask me for the plugin Jar in discord. This is meant for developer / friend / for fun servers

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Latest updates

  1. 1.19.3 & Quality of life

    Check out the discord or github to see all the changes
  2. May Update!

    - Pandeloot MM's mechanic will now run sync - Added volume/pitch for the sound flag - Improve MM...
  3. Various Fixes

    Fix issues with commands permissions and issue with the pandeloot mechanic with the new MM API

Latest reviews

Good plugin, amazing effects, many things can be done as always but just one thing.

Plugin downgrades performance a bit, so i wont use it on low tier servers.
good support and good plugin, many things can be done
Please do not listen to the review below. Plugins are not always live services that require constant updates to function; if this update received no further updates with the exception of version updates, I would still be immensely satisfied due to what is currently provided. If you are looking for a drops plugin with great compatibility, immense versatility, and excellent usability, get this.
Extremely versatile plugin with an incredible amount of potential. It essentially has everything you'd want in terms of a "drop/loot" plugin for Minecraft. It's literally the only plugin I've managed to find that has instanced drops of any kind. There's a ton of options to fully customize your drops the way you want to. While updates may be in semi-infrequent, the dev is extremely quick to respond to bug reports and often pushes out an update day-of that fixes the issue. Cannot recommend this plugin enough and I look forward to seeing how it evolves!
The plugin is a must for all servers running custom item drops from mobs! In Pande we Trust :pray:
Great add-on for creating custom loot drops! Can be used to create surprisingly complex drop mechanics for any mob you want.