1. F

    ⚡4 NEW ORES + SWORDS + TOOLS⚡ 1.1

    Add 4 new minerals to your server, each with its own weapons and tools. Includes a texture pack Rubi, zafiro, tanzanita, fluorite.
  2. Tof

    Toffy's Xmas pack - Tools & Weapons 2021-10-24

    This pack includes: – 9 Holiday themed tools & weapons – Pre-made resource pack – Instructions on how to get the models in-game – Raw files (If you want to add them yourself) Fully functioning in vanilla java. Tested on Minecraft java 1.16.5 and 1.17.1 (Should also work on other...
  3. FCRev

    [Library] Vanilla Equipment Core

    WHAT IS THIS? This is a library containing MOST of Minecraft's vanilla equippable items (swords, armor, tools...) I used it for my equipment randomizing skill, and hopefully some other can use it too. If you'd like me to add anything to it, just let me know! All items were written in the 1.12...