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[Mob Pack] EPIC Zombie Pack - 9 Mobs + 1 Boss!

[Mob Pack] EPIC Zombie Pack - 9 Mobs + 1 Boss! 1.1

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Hello guys! Awesome_Dante here again with a new mob pack!
This pack is chock full of Zombies to help get your server started off with some fresh new monsters and add some variety in the undead brain eaters on your server!

Tested on Spigot 1.12.2
Easy to adjust to support Spigot 1.8!
MythicMobs 4.3.2
Easy to adjust to support MythicMobs 2.3+!

MythicMobsExtension is OPTIONAL. I use it here to make my own healthbars. You can simply remove the healthbar code to get rid of MME as a dependancy.

Pack includes 9 New Zombies and 1 Boss monster to get you started off on the right foot.

Complexity: 3/10
Files: 3
Lines: 666
Size: 20KB

See video below:

- Custom heads for each zombie.

NOTE: There is code in each zombie to equip a head named after him. Since these do not exist yet they will put errors in the console. To remove this simply remove the head equipment for all zombies aside from the boss. This code is to make the next update easier to integrate.
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Latest updates

  1. Compatibility Update!

    Updated EZP to be compatible with 1.15- 1.16.5 Heads are next. Will include old versions shortly.

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Thank you Dante for a wonderful mob pack at a great price. It was just what I needed to fill One of my Castles with hostile mobs. I actually built the castle just for this mob pack, hence the name Necromancers Castle. I made a small video to showcase the mobs in the pack. My weapons are a little overpowered so Ill have to do a little tweeking. So far its great fun to play. Keep the Mobs coming! Great Work!
This pack is great Dante haha! I love it. It's very simple, but at the same time the results are impressive. Definitely adding this to my server. Worth the buy for sure! 9 new zombies? What a steal <3
Great Job Dante! This pack looks great and is simple to understand too! While it is not nearly as complex as what I estimate your Insane pack is going to be, I quite enjoyed being able to ACTUALLY understand all the code! ^_^ This gets 5 stars from me man. Definitely worth the couple bucks :) Now my players will fear my zombies >:D