1. 宵閣玖鑰

    lunar New Year Dragon Dance Doll Staff [ItemsAdder、Resource_pack] v240206

    Applies to 1.14+ resource bundles (without attributes) or ItemsAdder (with attribute settings) ——Contact information ► H͜͡o͜͡w͜͡ T͜͡o͜͡ P͜͜͡͡l͜͡a͜͡y͜͡ *No ItemsAdder In Your Server* *In Your Single-Player Game* *How to update your Minecraft atlases settings* *If You use...
  2. 宵閣玖鑰

    Elemental Crystal Spear [x6 color] + Trident (CEM) 2023-12-11

    H͜͡o͜͡w͜͡ T͜͡o͜͡ P͜͜͡͡l͜͡a͜͡y͜͡ for > You need to have OptiFine or use Fabric's mod Custom Entity Models (but for Fabric) Only then can you use the modeling trident (CEM) in for ItemsAdder > Just put the content into the plugin and overwrite the...
  3. 宵閣玖鑰

    More Easy Halloween Decorations For ItemsAdder 2023-10-17 ——Contact information ► H͜͡o͜͡w͜͡ T͜͡o͜͡ P͜͜͡͡l͜͡a͜͡y͜͡ *Use ItemsAdder* Instructional Video:
  4. L

    DailyQuest UI | Vanilla Friendly BETA-1.8.4 Daily Quests There are 12 daily quests, and if you complete them you get a money reward Badges 8 different badges that can be unlocked by completing daily quests. Leaderboard This shows the TOP 10 players, you can get to the top by completing as many...
  5. E

    Elite Armors Mega Bundle 4.1

    Included in the Elite Armors Mega Bundle: Over 100 Different Armor Sets All Armors are Full Sets Animated Armors Non Animated Armors Pre-Made Configurations ItemsAdder drag and drop config Prior to purchase please refer to our Disclaimer and Terms Of Service
  6. 宵閣玖鑰

    3DModel + Cold Plum Scythek - Seasons Flower Weapons [ItemsAdder、Resource_pack] 2023-06-17

    Applies to 1.14+ resource bundles (without attributes) or ItemsAdder (with attribute settings) Armed with flowers representing the four seasons - Winter Plum Blossom and Huge Scythe ——Contact information ► H͜͡o͜͡w͜͡ T͜͡o͜͡ P͜͜͡͡l͜͡a͜͡y͜͡ *No ItemsAdder In Your Server* *In Your...
  7. 宵閣玖鑰

    3DModel + Battle Knight Sword 2023-05-25

    Applies to 1.14+ resource bundles (without attributes) or ItemsAdder (with attribute settings) 7 material appearances for longsword Corresponding to the 7 materials of wood, stone, copper, iron, gold, diamond, and Netherite ——Contact information ► H͜͡o͜͡w͜͡ T͜͡o͜͡ P͜͜͡͡l͜͡a͜͡y͜͡ *No...
  8. 宵閣玖鑰

    Minecraft 3D Dyeable Ornament Furniture ⊹ Carnation Teddy Bear + Carnation 2023-05-06

    A teddy bear holding a carnation, which can be dyed in nine different colors, is a large three-block high decoration. Ordinary large carnations, there will be a powerful burst after use...??! Video with installation instruction >>For ItemsAdder[recommend] >>For MythicMobs If you have...
  9. 宵閣玖鑰

    Radiant totem Battle axe [ItemsAdder、Resource_pack] 2023-03-05

    It is recommended to use OptiFine to enjoy the shining totem and get a better experience! In the future, it is expected to update the two additional shapes [Sun and Glacier] If you have any questions or requests about this product. You can contact me through the following ways and get updates...
  10. B

    Aqua Dragon Set 1.1

    Stunning armor set of Aqua Dragon ready to suit you Included: • Aqua Helmet • Aqua Chestplate • Aqua Leggings • Aqua Boots • Aqua Sword • Aqua Pickaxe • Aqua Shovel • Aqua Axe • Aqua Bow Build and skin are not included with purchase, they serve only for showcase purposes Set is also...
  11. KolorD_StudiO

    [ModelEngine]Emerald set V2 1.18.2+

    It is Emerald Weapons.
  12. Samus2002

    Food Pack | Tasty Bundle 1.0

    Food Pack (Link to product page) Food Pack 2 (Link to product page) Add 51 custom food to your game! You can make them in game using vanilla minecraft ingredients on the crafting table. All the food have unique custom recipes that work with ItemsAdder & MythicCrucible & MMOItems. Not...
  13. Fortepsai

    Toxic Animated Weapon Set 1.0

    Toxic Weapon Set, 13 Animated Models Included: Axe Bow Chest Fishing Rod Hammer Hoe Key Pickaxe Shield Shovel Spear Sword Wings
  14. Fortepsai

    Dungeon Lizard 1.0

    This pack includes: Lizard Swordsman Lizard Javelin Lizard Hammer Lizard Elite Guard Lizard King Tezcacoatl Lizard chest with key 4 weapon models 3 shields All skill models Mythicmob files Custom sounds BOTH ItemsAdder and Modelengine configs Mob special behaviors and abilities: Lizard...
  15. N

    Red Dragon – Scale Mail Skill Pack 1.0

    Included in the Red Dragon – Scale Mail Skill Pack: Red Dragon Claw Red Dragon Shot Red Dragon Dash Red Dragon Jump Red Dragon Roar Red Dragon Ultimate Pre-Made Configurations ItemsAdder drag and drop config, Mythic Mobs and MMOCore
  16. NitrosuChan

    Mina Trap 1.0

    Haz volar a tus amigos con esta configuración de MythicMobs capaz de crear una mina. Ahora, con este nuevo item podrás trollear a tus amigos de la forma mas fácil y divertida posible. Solo tienes que asegurarte que la victima no lleve encima sus preciadas elytras y la diversión estará...
  17. V

    Steampunk GUI Labels | Over 60+ Labels | Supports Oraxen / ItemsAdder 1.0

    FAQ 1) Are these entire GUIs? a) No, they are just labels that replace the GUI title area. Hints the name GUI labels. 2) How do I install this? a) Essentially they are just Unicodes, font textures, so once you have the resource pack loaded you can use them anywhere. They are only meant to be...
  18. Axxxxmon

    ULTIMATE RP/RPG EMOTE PACKS⭐ Includes Interactive Emotes ⭐ 200+ Emotes ⭐ MagicSpells Configuration ⭐ 2022-07-09

    TESTED ON 1.18.2 [WORKS PERFECTLY FINE] —--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This pack includes more than 200 emotes for your server! I’ve worked hard to make as many as I could, in the following months I might add more if the...
  19. NANIII

    SWORD PACK | 12 MODELS / 12 STYLES! + Oraxen & ItemsAdder Ready 1.0

    What would an RPG be with many swords? Exactly this motto follows this pack! 12 swords, no one is like the other, so that each drop is unique! Get more out of your server now! ALL FILES ARE DRAG AND DROP READY! U DONT NEED TO CONFIGURATE TO USE THIS PACK Sword list: foam_sword...
  20. NANIII

    SWORD PACK v2 | 10 MODELS + Oraxen/ItemsAdder Ready 1.0