3d model

  1. wolf_awwent

    Demon Weapon Pack 2022-05-16

    https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/demonweaponpackshowcase-09c619d266e343d2990ef9b593bf3b04 Test on 1.17 This Pack include 3 weapon model and bbmodel file /give @p diamond_sword{CustomModelData:1} /give @p diamond_sword{CustomModelData:2} /give @p bow{CustomModelData:1}
  2. Ranork

    Red Glass 3D Sword and Shield 2022-02-06

  3. UiDisinger771

    ✨CoreGuns✨ +45 , +10 Daggers⚡ 3D ⚡ CYTYRPG ✅ 12.8 Stable

    What does this 3D models pack include? This 3D models pack contains +40 models made in blockbench/voxl and textures used by minecraft vanilla, some of them customized. (Features) ✓ They are delivered to you in zip format. ✓ Each model in the zip is in .json for editing. ✓ Most of them have...
  4. B

    3D Hero's spear 2021-07-31

    Hero's spear is a 3D Model I give you a bb.model file Thank you
  5. B

    3D Spear Model 2021-07-31

    Hi 3D spear model (bb.model file) I give you a bb model file you can do anything in this file Good luck Thank you