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| World Scaling Level Mobs | Custom Mobs | Region Mobs | [NO UPDATES]

| World Scaling Level Mobs | Custom Mobs | Region Mobs | [NO UPDATES] 2023-09-08

  1. 1.19
Required Dependencies
Free Version MythicMobs v5.0+ or MythicMobsPremium-5.2.5-SNAPSHOT
Get only levelling by downloading this new free World Scaling Levelling mobs;

Get all the other features by downloading this Custom Mobs resource;

This is just because I saw LevelledMobs and did something like that in MythicMobs so this is automatic level up with world scaling.

Got more ideas? Add it yourself or tell me to add it!
Its simple, yes. But it is working!

Thanks for 6000 downloads.

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◈◈◈◈ INCLUDES ◈◈◈◈
All Vanilla Mobs
Custom Mobs
3 Types of healthbar (Display Name, Actionbar, Chat)

All got world scaling level system
Level modifier per mob
All got increasing money drops and experience drops per level
Custom drops
Random Spawns
Optimized Configuration
Region Based Mobs is added
One boss with minions

- Zombie Horde
Will spawn a pack of zombies

- Explosive Zombie
Will explode on death (got a timer before exploding)

- Zombie Tank
Resist knockback and are stronger

- Zombie Sprinter
Runs fast

- Zombie Jumper
Jumps when in combat

- Zombie Thrower
Throws you away

- Zombie Stealth
Will go invisible but create a path

- Skilled Zombie
Just more skilled and better

- Creeper Charged
Just a regular charged creeper but will create a bigger hole on explode

- Creeper can't die when exploding
Will not die and will always explode but will create a small hole

- Sniper
Skeleton with armor and a stronger bow

- InvisibleVex
Just a creepy head in the sky that will blind you

- Invisible Spider
Goes invisible on spawn

- Water Monster
Spawns in the water and shoots particles, with custom sounds

- Mother of Phantoms
Large Phantom that can spawn baby phantoms

- Sam The Snowman
Will only spawn in snowy plains, he is highly dangerous

- 1 Boss "The Greatest Knight"
Have some skills and can spawn minions that will help him
**LibsDisguise Required**
- Bull
Will be angry when hit and show particles

How to install:
Drag and drop all the files to "MythicMobs" folder.
Remember to replace the config!
All config files will now be located inside "Packs" folder.

Tested with Paper. [ 1.19.2-1.19.4 ]
Tested with MythicMobs version. [ 5.0+ ]

Known issues:
MythicMobs will not replace any passivemobs. Spawn them with eggs or by command is working.
Bee and Zombified_piglin cant be added before MythicMobs fix them.

Levelling starts at level 2.


Contact me through MythicCraft or join my Discord

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Last update
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Latest reviews

Hey you can Fix the despawning with
Despawn: false
PreventRenaming: false

Pls add Prevent Renaming.
Because some of the Vanilla Mobs cant rename if the levveled I fixed it by myself but it sucks every Update do it again.

Thanks for you Work anyways!
Hi, thanks for the review.

I've tried to set despawn to false, but it still doesn't work when restarting the whole server. (PM me if it works for you)
And about that renaming, I'll add it.
Thanks for this amazing work. This help me save a lot of time. :)
Nice little feature pack, I really like stuff like this that teach you a bit more about the cools stuff you can do with MM. While adding those little details that make the game-play experience that much more fun and rewarding. Nice job and thank you for sharing!
Thank you for the comment. I appreciate it!