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The Kraken

The Kraken 1.2.5

The Kraken

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The Kraken

Phase 1

Casts 3 Inkblasts against the current target every 6 seconds.
Krakens starts casting freezing rain any player hit by this ability will be slowed and inficted instant damage.
Freezing rain leaves a icy spot for 5 seconds after impact.
At 85% health kraken summons waterfiends which will grant kraken damage protection until they are killed
After 20 seconds kraken will consume these waterfiends to heal himself if not killed.

Phase 2

Kraken starts summoning a huge tidal wave around the whole encounter!
At 75% kraken starts summoning Watersplashes around the encounter any players touching these will be inflicted DoT and heavy slow effect.
At 75% kraken starts casting lightning to all players near him every 10 seconds.
At 60% health kraken will unleash a electric wave to all nearby players with him knocking them back every 5 seconds.
At 50% health kraken summons waterbeast which will grant kraken damage protection until they are killed

Phase 3

Kraken converts his body to a void being gaining new abilities.
Kraken warps the dimension of the encounter.
Starts casting voidbolt in 8 way direction around him dealing massive damage and inflictin DoT effect.
Kraken's voidform starts inflicting constant damage if anyone stands near him.
Kraken starts twisting the reality opening voidpillars around him if any player stand near them they will get sucked in and blinded.
At 20% Kraken summons voidfiends granting kraken damage immunity and damage boost.

Available versions
Normal : Complete
Heroic : Complete
Mythic : Complete


This boss does not require any special requirements or spawnpoints it works in every enviroment.


I will continue to update this boss as i get any feedback or possible bugs.

Supported Mythicmobs versions : 2.5.1 or higher

Supported Minecraft versions : 1.8 or higher

Required plugins : Mythicmobs, Protocollib and Libs disguises
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