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Snow Wizard ⬛ Mythicmobs Mob ⬛ RPG MOB ⬛

Snow Wizard ⬛ Mythicmobs Mob ⬛ RPG MOB ⬛ 1.1.13

Tested on 1.12.2

Plugin Dependencies - Mythicmobs | Libsdisguise | MythicmobsAddon

: Snow Wizard

- HP: 400 (Configurable) // 800 (Phase 2)
- Damage: 0 (Uses Spells)
- Weakness: Melee
- Knockback Resistance: 100% (Except push from enchants)
- Movement Speed: 0.20 (configurable)

- [UPDATED] Snow Storm (Creates a snowstorm which slows the enemies) (A tornado is now spawned and players will be sucked in the storm having frostbite and take damage)

- [UPDATED] Snowy Environment (Sends down a beacon of ice that damages players when they are near)

- [UPDATED] Icy Skin (If players hit her they get damaged) (Now heals herself and is now basically immune)

- [UPDATED] Snow Clones (Summons copies of her but her snow clones melt eventually) (FIXED LAG)

- [UPDATED] Snowy RAGE (damages players each half second by 1 heart it gives them huge frostbites.) (Transforms into phase two which has more skills)

- [UPDATED] Snow Fury (Shoots little icicles to players in radius giving them frostbite and healing the Snow wizard)

- [UPDATED] Snowy Orb (Shoots a Snow Orb) (Heals the Snow wizard and gives the enemy frostbite when hit)


- Snow flake scatter (scatters blocks of ice and damages enemies if they are hit) [BEING FIXED]

- Snow Star (Forms a star out of white particles and heavily damages anyone who is in the radius of the star)

- Snow Dragon's Rage (Summons what looks like a dragon upon the sky into the ground and damages players)

- Snow Aura (Freezes enemies and scares them to death with the temperature being way to cold to survive)


- [+] 1 phase for the snow wizard // She will have more skills and her health will be doubled.

- Wand (Stick)

- Senseable
- Prevent other drops, item pickup and, random equipment
- Follow range: 10
- auto despawn: true

NOTE: Please know that I did the cooldowns fast so the skills could be displayed fast. May cause lag if cooldowns are to short. Modify them to your own liking.

As of now the only way to pay is through paypal.

If you have any problems with this mob please message me on site or reply on my post for resource exchange.

Thank you for buying this mob if you are buying it. It helps support me and makes me want to make more mobs for you guys! A Mob Pack is coming soon!

If you have any problems with this mob please message me on the site OR contact me on the discord *PLEASE*.

Discord - Efeskew#7610
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