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[Raid Boss] Theal the Unstable (Spigot 1.10+ only)

[Raid Boss] Theal the Unstable (Spigot 1.10+ only) 1.2

- Fixed Theal only changing states (Not casting any skills in any state)
Authors Message: "Sorry for the mix up! In my haste to get him updated to the new condition system I made a few errors! Sorry for any inconvenience!"
- Fixed Theal casting multiple skills at once (Especially when changing states)

Please post any feedback/bugs you find and thank you for downloading!
This update includes a small fix as well as an update to MythicMob's version v4.0.0 conditions system update. Which greatly changed the way conditions work for MM.

Please note there MAY be bugs with this mob due to condition system errors. These will be fixed in a later Mythic Mob update.