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[Raid Boss] Theal the Unstable (Spigot 1.10+ only)

[Raid Boss] Theal the Unstable (Spigot 1.10+ only) 1.2

I introduce the first Raid Boss for download from resources!

Meet Theal the Unstable! A mentally unstable mage who uses dangerous magic! Theal's boss fight changes from enounter to encounter so knowing what each state does is very important to your survival! Check out the guide below!

WARNING: Particles MUST be enabled when fighting this mob or any allies it spawns.

NOTE: Theal can be very easy to defeat or very diffcult. It depends on how your server is and how well players can be equipped!

NOTE: For everything to work your server must be 1.10+ or higher and MUST have Mythic Mobs version 2.5.0+ (Mythic Mobs version 4.0.0+ required for Theal version 1.1+)

Theal the Unstable's Guide

Theal the Unstable

Health: 2,600
Damage: 13 + 1 (Blaze Rod - Initial Weapon)
Armor Points: 6 (Initial State)

Description: Theal is a mentally unstable mage who uses powerful magic. Each time he is fought his boss fight will change as in the states he uses and what order he uses them in will change. It's entirely possible for him to stay one state the entire fight! He will NEVER use all 4 states in one fight!
- At 90% hp he will change into his 1st state randomly picked from below. When he isn't in a state he will not have any special skills and will only melee players. He will change states at 90%, 60% and 30% hp.
- Theal is built to be able to be fought anywhere rather than restricted to one location!

Elemental States:

Ice (Debuff State)
- Turns into his ice state and begins to cast ice related skills and debuffs. His weakest state.
[Skill List]
- Aura of Frost (Passive) - Constantly slows down players within close range of him. Ranged is suggested.
- Frost Bolt - Consistantly fires bolts of frost towards his target that deals 13 damage and slows them down for 5 seconds. Doesn't ignore armor.
- Summon Frost Pools - Summons Frost Pools that freeze the ground and slow down and deal damage to any players nearby them dealing 5 hp per second while standing in it. Doesn't ignore armor. Avoiding them is your best option.

Fire (Damage State)
- Turns into his fire state and begins to cast fire related skills
[Skill List]
- Fire Bolt - Consistantly fires bolts of fire towards his target that deals 20 damage and explodes on contact as well as lighting them on fire for 4 seconds. Doesn't ignore armor. Keeping your distance from him in this state is highly advised! -=Dangerous Skill=-
- Summon Flame Pools - Summons Flame Pools that ignite the ground and any players that cross into them dealing 5 hp per second while standing in it. Doesn't ignore armor. Avoiding them is your best option.

Darkness (Damage Over Time/Damage State)
- Turns into his darkness state and begins to cast darkness related skills
[Skill List]
- Withering Aura (Passive) - Constantly inflicts wither to anyone nearby him. -=Dangerous Skill=-
- Wither Skull Shot - Consistantly shoots 2 wither skulls that moderate damage and inflicts wither or wither II (Depends on server difficulty). Doesn't ignore armor.
- Open Shadow Portals - Opens 2 Shadow Portals nearby him that spawn Lesser Living Shadows to attack his enemies. -=Dangerous Skill=-

Destruction (Damage/Support State)
- Turns into his most dangerous of states. Using physical attacks as well as summoning allies into battle!
[Skill List]
- Bash (Passive) - Bashes his enemy with a 20% on each attack dealing extra damage and stunning them for 4 seconds. Doesnt ignore armor. 10 sec cooldown between usages.
- Charge - Charges towards his enemy at breakneck speed. Dealing increased damage if he makes contact with his target during this attack. Doesn't ignore armor.
- Summon Allies - Summons 1 Renegade Bear Rider, 3 Renegade Axemen, 2 Renegade Repulsors and 1 Renegade Scythe Lord in a 6 block radius around him. -=Dangerous Skill=-

Theal's Allies:

Renegade Axeman

Health: 35
Armor Points: 7
Damage: 3 + 1 (Iron Axe)

Renegade Repulsor (Ranged)
Health: 75
Armor Points: 7
Damage: 1-12

Renegade Bear Rider (Ranged)
Health: 105
Armor Points: 7
Damage: 1-12
- Crippling Arrows - Arrows inflict Slowness I and Weakness I.

Renegade War Bear
Health: 50
Armor Points: 0
Damage: 7

Renegade Scythe Lord (Ranged & Melee)
Health: 200
Armor Points: 7
Damage: 12
- Dark Beam - Shoots a dark beam projectile at the enemy every 15 seconds. Deals 4 hp and inflicts Hunger I for 15 sec and Wither II for 5 sec.

Shadow Portal
Health: 225
Armor Points: 0
- Summon Lesser Living Shadow - Summons a Lesser Living Shadow every 15 seconds.
- Portal Destablize - After 3 minutes the portal destablizes and closes.

Lesser Living Shadow
Health: 35
Damage: 7
Armor Points: 2
NOTE: Particles must be enabled to see them otherwise you won't be able to hit them.

He even comes with his own boss theme! Download Link: LINK
Made using Music Maker Jam mobile app and ported to mp3 format via Audacity. I do not own ANY of the audio loops used in the music.
Not the best theme since the app isn't all that great for creating music as it only allows you to use audio loops and an 8 bit-mixer. Enjoy anyway! :D

[Frequently Asked Questions]
Q: Why arn't Theal, Renegade Bear Riders, and Renegade War Bears working?
A: Your server must be 1.10 or higher for them to work! 1.9 and lower will not have them work.

You can modify Theal as you please! He or his allies don't drop anything unfortunately but you can add stuff for him to drop!

If you have any questions, comments or issues? Post them here and Enjoy!
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Amazing boss before i downloaded it i barely could make anything with this plugin, but by just reading through the code of this boss i learned so much more then any tutorial could teach me.
Good boss but im having a lot of trouble adding a drop table for him. Ive gone to the mythicmobs discord but it seems like no one even wants to touch this. can you help?
It shouldn't be too hard. But I'd suggest reading the manual a bit more to learn how to properly add drop tables. I don't really provide private support. Sorry D:
Ok Nice 1!!
Absolutely amazing boss. Thank you for this awesome and free resource. I gave you credit on my server. :)

Excellent boss, excellent skills, excellent minions, and most of all excellent work! You deserve all the donations you can get! I hope to see more like this ^_^
Brilliant Boss with a really great pack too, would quite happily pay for it! Hope to see more, or some additional tweaks :)
Still the best boss in existence in my opinion.
Thank you! Be sure to check out my other work! Any mobs/bosses I make will always be free but I do appreciate donations though!
Top boss, but in dark form boss doesnt spawn portal
Theal no have 2000+ hp i kill he 2 hit diamond sword help
Make sure you set the MAX Health value in your Server's Spigot.yml file to a very high value or ANY mobs spawned in that excceed the current value will be spawned with the default health of the mob which in this case was probably 20.
Love all the mobs... but Theal doesnt use any skills except for changing states... He doesnt use anything else.. I have spigot 1.11.2 and MM 4.0.0
Thanks for the feedback! This has been fixed in v1.2! Please download and enjoy!