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[Raid Boss] Theal the Unstable (Spigot 1.10+ only)

[Raid Boss] Theal the Unstable (Spigot 1.10+ only) 1.2

Amazing boss before i downloaded it i barely could make anything with this plugin, but by just reading through the code of this boss i learned so much more then any tutorial could teach me.
Good boss but im having a lot of trouble adding a drop table for him. Ive gone to the mythicmobs discord but it seems like no one even wants to touch this. can you help?
It shouldn't be too hard. But I'd suggest reading the manual a bit more to learn how to properly add drop tables. I don't really provide private support. Sorry D:
Ok Nice 1!!
Absolutely amazing boss. Thank you for this awesome and free resource. I gave you credit on my server. :)

Excellent boss, excellent skills, excellent minions, and most of all excellent work! You deserve all the donations you can get! I hope to see more like this ^_^
Brilliant Boss with a really great pack too, would quite happily pay for it! Hope to see more, or some additional tweaks :)
Still the best boss in existence in my opinion.
Thank you! Be sure to check out my other work! Any mobs/bosses I make will always be free but I do appreciate donations though!
Top boss, but in dark form boss doesnt spawn portal
Theal no have 2000+ hp i kill he 2 hit diamond sword help
Make sure you set the MAX Health value in your Server's Spigot.yml file to a very high value or ANY mobs spawned in that excceed the current value will be spawned with the default health of the mob which in this case was probably 20.
Love all the mobs... but Theal doesnt use any skills except for changing states... He doesnt use anything else.. I have spigot 1.11.2 and MM 4.0.0
Thanks for the feedback! This has been fixed in v1.2! Please download and enjoy!
Best boss I've ever seen! Love it!
I love this boss, I did have to make him and his mobs a bit weaker as they're placed in a 5 man dungeon on my server, but so far I've heard nothing but anger from members who died and praise from players who killed him. :)
Glad you like him!
3 mobs are not working for me but i still like this
the 3 mobs are
*Theal the Unstable
*Renegade Bear Rider
*Renegade War Bear
Make sure your server is 1.10+ or some of the mobs won't work!