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Player Rank Icons [Font Textures] | 140+ Icons - Oraxen / ItemsAdder Support

Player Rank Icons [Font Textures] | 140+ Icons - Oraxen / ItemsAdder Support 2.2

Listening to the tip given by a customer with the name doitliketyler I changed the configuration files to be more organized and I included the textures in the Oraxen and ItemsAdder support folder.
It should be now more convenient to set up the pack if you are using any of the mentioned plugins.

Note that this update will break any previous configurations if you were using them because the path values have changed.

Please contact me if there's any issue with the update, I would really appreciate it.

  • Included the ItemsAdder config that I forgot to add...
  • Fixed the example resource pack default.yml
It truly has been an overwhelming feeling, all the messages of appreciation I got from people who enjoyed this resource. Thank you <3

I come bearing gifts, over 100+ new tags.

ItemsAdder config and Oraxen config

Removed resource pack files from ItemsAdder and Oraxen examples to reduce product size, suggested by customers that it wasn't needed.
The price of the resource changed from $4 to $8 as the amount of tags has tripled since release.

Start a conversation with me if there's an issue with the product,
I tried my best to test everything but you never know.

* Player Ranks Pack now provides an example configuration setup for all the ranks, for the popular plugin ItemsAdder

Improved documentation

Thank you for purchasing this product, you are helping me and motivating me immensely. If you are satisfied with the product, I would appreciate the ratings :)