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Pathfinder Core | All you need for your pet/minion/follower necessities!

Pathfinder Core | All you need for your pet/minion/follower necessities! Github 1.0.1

Required Dependencies
MythicMobs (Premium) | Libs Disguise | MythicCrucible

Hello there! Welcome to the official "Pathfinder Core" resource page! Here you will find information about my system and a link to our community discord. Feel at home while messing with this system, the whole point of publishing it is to see how our creative community can improve my code and use it to create amazing inventions.
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What is "Pathfinder Core"?
- To put it simple, its my main setup where all my configurations rely on. It includes lots of utility skills for ownership and unit remove that makes my life so much easier when messing with minions or similar.

Is this a mob pack?
- If you are looking for a plug and play setup, I'm sorry but Pathfinder isn't for you. This is meant to be a tool for MythicMobs scripters to code their own Units and Minions.

What can I do with Pathfinder Core?
- I'm glad you asked! With this core you will be able to make Mob Units (Pets/Minions/Followers) much easier than before. It's not a mere compilation of skills but a intricate mechanism to handle your mobs on your server. You can make mobs that works for players, pets or even soldiers to raid enemy bases! Even more, what about turrets? Sure!

What do I need to run this package?
- You need a few plugins, mainly MythicMobs (preferably Premium) and MythicCrucible. After that, you will probably want to have Libs Disguise (for skins and pawns), premium is also advised, so you can make multi lined names for your units.

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Latest updates

  1. Pet Fixes

    Pet Fixes: - Fixed pet removal system. Now checks properly if you're the owner.
  2. Github Repository Release

    The following updates from now on will be posted on Github, the download link will redirect you...

Latest reviews

really cool resource to use. with this core i created a full functional pet system. i really suggest to download this if you need to work with pets.
can't rate the other functions because i don't need and use them.
Wanted to make pets but didn't want to use external plugins. This worked perfectly for me and have gotten sublime support!
Rumi Ex Machina
Rumi Ex Machina
Thank you for your kind words! Glad that Pathfinder Core was useful for you!
It's nice to see such developers releasing their works for free. Pathfinder Core is an excellent resource for creating a unique experience for any server. I've used it and am really happy with the results. The process is fluent, smooth, and easy to pick up on. Well done Rumi Ex Machina
Honestly, this is what I've always wished for. I love units. This allows cities to have their own armies. This is something only a genius like RumiExMachina would create. More devs like him, please.
Very Interesting,,, I can't wait for you server's release
Rumi Ex Machina
Rumi Ex Machina
Thank you for your support Thel!
Great system to use out of the box, or edit and learn from to create your own controllable units. Nice work :)
Rumi Ex Machina
Rumi Ex Machina
Thank you Jack! :D
It is too epic and highly necessary to give a better rpg immersion on our servers, I am a fan of what you do, thanks for making it free <3
Rumi Ex Machina
Rumi Ex Machina
Thank you for your support Celcius! Always good to see you! :D