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Hello dear customers,

First of all big sorry for my longer inactivity.

... and now to the REWORK!

- Flying with banshees now not need to use another plugin, so you can remove "bansheephysicsaddon.jar"! (Big thanks to Dimorian, that he created this flying plugin)
- Added taming system for Banshees, more to come!
- Added new configs for MCPets plugin, now you can mount tamed banshees from everywhere you want!
- Every model has been remodeled, some has big changes, some has small fixes! (no more buggy animations)
- Scripts and MythicMobs configuration was also improved!

If something doesn't work as it should please contact me on my discord: Kaertho#7634

That's all, thanks and enjoy new update!
Hello dear customers!

Changes are in:
  • NEW Banshee fly mechanics!
    • Now you can choose your direction of flying, so you can fly upwards and also downwards!
    • You can also change the descent or ascent speed by right clicking on Banshee's head higher you will go higher, lower you will go lower...
    • This new feature was brought to you by Dimorian, whom I commend for his efforts to improve this package!
  • Fixed smaller bugs!
Hello dear customers,

I added new mobs and repair some bugs for you all!

Changes are in:
  • Reworked some animations!
  • Added new mobs!
  • Reworked some Skills!
  • Changed RandomSpawns!
  • Added Emissive textures!
  • Denizen Scripts Files!

More in text-file "Changelog 2.0.txt"

Thanks that's all and enjoy quite big update!
Hello dear customers!

Changes are in:
  • Added new and also first plant called Helicoradian with special features and randomspawning...
  • Added texture for Banshee Lead...
  • Other small changes are in changelog...
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Hello dear customers!

I decided to reduce the price of this package a bit, and I am also working on a new content! Stay tuned!

Thank you all and enjoy new price :)
Hello dear customers!

I recently updated this mobpack and also created a new one with The Walking Dead theme!

Changes are in:
Pandora Mob Pack:
  • Added file README for more informations about pack (check it on new file update 1.2)
  • Added RandomSpawn config for MythicMobs (check it on main page)
Hello dear customers!

After a while I wanted to add something new to this pack again, so I added a few new items, which has their own specialities, effects.

More about these items in changelog (download update), or in Pandora Mob Pack page.

Thanks and enjoy this tiny items update!