What's new
PandeLoot ( Formerly known as MythicLoot )

PandeLoot ( Formerly known as MythicLoot ) 0.1.6i

Changed the resource type so it shows as free and can be download from the forum directly, also moved the donation to a hyperlink
A whole new reworked version :D
+ Projectile damage is tracked now

+ Multiplier attribute; increases the chance depending of the % damage done. The values can be from 0 to 1, the operation is | chance + multiplier * percentDamage |, percentDamage being damage dealt / mob HP. coal{;c=0.2;ml=0.8} In this example the player would have a 100% to get coal if the player did all the damage, in case the player only did half of the damage, the chance would be 60%

+ The messages are now loaded directly, this means you won't need to do "/mm r" or a server restart, simply save the file and you are ready to go. Also fixed an issue with the score message reseting

+ TitleDuration/TitleFade attributes, titleduration==td / titlefade==td

+ Options.Relative, to display health/damage as the values from percentages ( For the cases caused by other plugins when the boss has like 10k life yet in the score it only says the player did like 3k damage )

+ Give XP attribute ( ;xp=number; )

+ Support for commands in dropTables

+ Skip attribute: This attribute is for advanced drop managing, it allows you to skip the specified number of lines
Example usage:
These drops are really valuable, so we only want to drop one of them, but also we want everyone to also recieve coal, so we can add a skip to the rare ores to make sure the player once recieves 1 of them
- diamond{chance=0.25;skip=3}
- emerald{chance=0.25;skip=2}
- iron_ingot{chance=0.25;skip=1}
- gold_ingot{chance=0.25}

- coal

+ Added ;legacy=boolean; attribute
( In the older builds, drops inside a DropTable had the same attributes than the DropTable line, as a example if you had ;glow=false; in a DropTable line, all the drops inside that DropTable won't glow. Problem with this is that it wouldn't allow for more in-depth systems as DropTables items could only have effect attributes, so now DropTable items don't inherit attributes. This change might be an incovenience for some things like removing the glow of all the items inside a DropTable, as now you need to add the ;glow=false; line inside all the items, so this was added so you only need to add it to the DropTable line )

+ Amount and XP can be ranged values now ( 0to10 )

+ Fixed error with the configuration not being generated

+ Bug fixes
-> Glow color is properly displayed now
-> Fixed item pickup
- Added holograms, you can enable them in a mob with Options.AnnounceScore: true and edit the message in the score part inside MM's config
- Added PAPI support
- Added <#.damage> which returns the damage done in numbers instead of %
- Added <player.damage>, <player.dmg> ( the latter one displays damage as a % )
- Top is now a ranged value, you can use for example top=1to3
- Added toInv attribute which drops items directly to the inventory
-> SkeletonKingSword{top=1;toInv=true}
- Added command attribute
-> lotil{stop=true;command=say <player.name>}
- Support for vanilla items drops
- Yet more bugfixes
+ Fixed quite a few errors so if you ever had experienced weird things with dropTables or simply with errors in console they shouldn't happen anymore
+ The leaderboard can now be changed inside MM's config.yml