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--> This mob is up to be fully reworked, making him a propper boss instead of a miniboss, once its reworked, the link to the new resource will be posted here <--

*This video wasnt recorded on the actual version of the mini boss (1.0).

Ozlo, The Templar

Health: 2500
Damage: 15

Ozlo have 2 main phases a.k.a Faith (125 to 0)

125 - 25 Faith
When he have 125 faith he will be at his peak power, dealing the most damage and having less reaction time for each skill, but has players figth him, he losses faith, making him more weak on each faith stage (125-100-75-50-25). He have a bar below his name indicating his faith state.

0 Faith (Corrupted)
Once he reach 0 Faith, he have totally loss his faith and an animation will happen, Herobrine appears and corrupts him, making him stronger than ever, his skills cooldown gets reduced by 50% and they do more damage that when he had 125 faith. In this phase players should show that they have learned how to fight agaisnt him or they will get rekt.

*Skills are more explained in the TemplarSkills.yml file

Attack Combo - Every 3 attacks he will deal +10 damage and heal himself 20 hp. / (Corrupted) Every 4 attacks he will deal +20 damage and heal himself 50 hp.

Light Aura - Random circles will appear on the ground, players will have a particle and sound alert of those, if they dont run from it, the player will get a nice amount of damage. / (Corrupted) Players will only have 2 seconds to react, if they dont, they will get a lot of damage.

Wave - 6 to 2 projectiles (depending on his faith) will appear, these dont follow the players if a player gets hit, it will count towards the attack combo. / (Corruped) 12 projectiles will appear, hard to dodge if the players didnt keep the distance.

Justice Rain - Missiles from the sky will chase the closer player, they will probably get hit by this one if they focus too much on dealing damage to the boss, so its a nice way to keep the players aware of their surroundings. / (Corruped) More missiles and more damage, heavily penalizing if the players commits an error.

Sword - Ozlo will stay inmobile and do an hourglass-like zone, if players dont listen to the warnings, they will get hit. This is one of the best moments to deal damage to Ozlo as hes inmobile. / (Corrupted) Deals more damage and have different particles.

Non-offensive Skills

Dark aura
- Once Ozlo gets corruped, a dark aura will appear around him, making him look cooler :D

Title intro - A intro will appear when Ozlo starts the battle.

Leave Combat - This just restarts all his stats once he leaves battle.

Dead Animation - Once he dies, he realises his errors and apologizes to player :3

Herobrine Animation - When he reach 0 faith, herobrine will apear and dialogue will be shown.

Messages - 29 different dialoges depending of his faith.

There are some more skills but they are mostly to get these skills to work.


Happy minecrafting & happy xmas ^^

*Some things may change in future versions
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