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    MCNexus Priest Job Artifact Pack 1.15.1

    MCNexus Priest Job Artifact Pack includes the following: - Models - Textures - 1 Mob - 4 Artifacts - 4 Skills (with permission conditions) ===================================== Priest Artifacts can heal a player, create shields, and damage enemies. Also includes one demon :) I hope you...
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    Ozlo, The Templar [Mini Boss] 1.0

    --> This mob is up to be fully reworked, making him a propper boss instead of a miniboss, once its reworked, the link to the new resource will be posted here <-- *This video wasnt recorded on the actual version of the mini boss (1.0). Ozlo, The Templar Health: 2500 Damage: 15 Ozlo have 2...