What's new
This Pack Includes:
- Nikolas Boss
- Arena
Free Support:
- Server Setup
- Difficulty Modification (Nikolas)

My discord: https://discord.gg/j6hMbGYV6k
Or You can add to my private discord: EliasCouss#2901


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Elias Couss
First release
Last update
4.91 star(s) 11 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Big changes, 1.16+ Update

    - Better Performance (More optimization) - Code reinforcement all skills - Now you can modify Health
  2. Maximum compatibility with 1.12.2

    I couldn't update the arena, sorry, but the boss works now in 1.12.2, you need to create an...
  3. 1.12 version Arena fix

    Now the arena works in 1.12.2

Latest reviews

why boss fly away from map help me
Where do I download it???
Elias Couss
Elias Couss
add to my discord EliasCouss#2901
Its so cool in the vid, the skills the most etc its so awesome, But I have problem here, Your discord invite link is broken, and then I can't even add you on discord it's say invalid, also where I can download the pack/file? please response fast cause instead of $7.90 it cost me around $12-$13 and kinda a lot for me : (
Elias Couss
Elias Couss
add to my discord EliasCouss#2901
I have paid, where to download boss?
This Boss Pack Grate. Sooooo Grate. I Love ya
Elias Couss
Elias Couss
I'm glad you like it :-)
Me ha encantado, es muy original y funciona genial! :)
Elias Couss
Elias Couss
Me alegro
Epic Boss!! My server player said it is amazing!!
Really good boss
Excelent Boss
I have purchased your Nikolas boss pack
PayPal has transferred 7.90usd to you
Where to download boss
I've added your DC as a friend
is this one?
Elias Couss
Elias Couss
- helped -