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MythicPet   Leveling System | Custom Icons | Mysql support |

MythicPet Leveling System | Custom Icons | Mysql support | 2022-09-13

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MythicPet is a pet plugin based on MythicMobs.
Which allows server owners to create pets using MythicMobs with fancy skills and functions , and supports other plugin to make the pet system work correctly and complete.
With using MythicMobs as pet , the possibility is infinity , even 3D model pets are allowed <3

Notice this plugin does not come with MythicMobs template, you have to create your own pet with MythicMobs.
Please make sure that you understand how MythicMobs works before buying it.


  • Leveling System
  • Able to use MythicMobs mobs as pet
  • Totally custom Icon, supports Placeholder and Math formulas
  • Pet AI controlling
  • Mysql player data saving
  • Combat functions
  • Pets can use 3D models!!
  • Pet Inventory , have your pets carry items for you!

Check the wiki for more information: WIKI
The plugin depends heavily on PlayerDataSync and MythicMobs
Join discord for support: Discord

This plugin requires MythicMobs(ofc) and PlayerDataSync to work(Comes by the download file) , , both free version works.
Mysql settings are in PlayerDataSync folder.

Wiki: https://gitlab.com/SpeedReach/MythicPet/-/wikis/home
Discord : https://discord.gg/5xQrb2wB3X
Check the plugin on server: theheroes.mc.gg



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Latest updates

  1. fixed unable to open gui if storage contains unavailable pets

    fixed unable to open gui if storage contains unavailable pets
  2. fixed some null error

    fixed some null error
  3. Added data loading message configuration for player data sync

    data_loading: "Your Data is loading" data_load_error: "Your {0} data failed loading"...

Latest reviews

Amazing resource, the dev take time to answer or fix issues but anyway is a good resource whit nice potential.
A unique but problematic plugin
I hope you can introduce some functions of the plug-in in detail in the wiki? Including riding and some other functions, I didn't see them
Amazing resource, friendly and very supportive dev. This plugin has ton of possibilities if you really know how to use mythicmobs, and the plugin itself has lot of potential for more features too.