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MythicEnchantments [Early Access]

MythicEnchantments [Early Access] v0.0.1

For a project that had brought in $126,220 (6311 downloads * $20, assuming one purchase is one download) there need to be updates. this was originally made on Mar 13, 2021, it is still on 0.0.1. The last bug fix was about 6 months ago. As another user pointed out, this is great in concept but has basically been abandoned now.
First, here is my previous (5-star) review from nearly 6 months ago:

"MythicEnchants is probably the best Custom Enchant plugin out there at the moment in terms of utility and options, and it works great for the most part, however updates are pretty infrequent, and there are some annoying bugs (Custom enchant names don't show up in lore correctly atm), but if you need great and customizable enchants, MythicEnchants is the best option."

MythicEnchants is still a great plugin in concept, but has not received ANY updates in the time since my previous review (and hadn't for a few weeks before that review), so the issue I mentioned is still a bug, and it isn't compatible with newer versions of minecraft. Until this plugin starts receiving at least semi-constant updates, and the developers start addressing the issues reported on the gitlab, I would not recommend this plugin at all, as support is completely non-existent, your better off going with something like eco enchants. I still personally think that MythicEnchants is much better in terms of what it can do, but with zero support, it's a complete waste of money, as the plugin effectively abandoned.
Super Cool Plugin And So Far Works Pretty Well On 1.18 (although its ment to be 1.16) Only Thing That Doesnt Work Is Trying To Get It From An
Enchant Table Ive Tried Everything And It Just Doesnt Work. Maybe It Needs To Be In 1.18 To Work Properly Idk