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MythicCreator Alpha Edition

MythicCreator Alpha Edition

* Updated YAML Library and other dependencies
* Added a few new targeters in the skill section
* Added new new mob option "PassthroughDamage"
* New Main Menu design.
* Fixed "Search for Option" that could get stuck
* Improved Options Editor UI for easier usage, by adding Tabs.
* Code and Resource-cleanup, preparing for version
* Added missing help-text for HealthBars
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* Added PARROT Mob type
* Added ILLUSIONER Mob type
* Added @Passenger targeter
* Added support for HealthBars (Not full support for NamePlates yet)
* The Mob options editor is a bit smaller, making it easier to use on smaller screens.
* Buttons in the Mob skill line editor is now resized
* Fixed some issues where single quotes were not loaded or added.
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* Skill Editor now added to Mob options Editor. (Testing in progress)
* Value and Skill editor groups are now disabled until you select something to edit
* New Structure in the code
* Work on the Item Editor
* You can now toggle true/false values with Space, when selecting it in the List
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* Removed "Save all changes", it will now ask you on exit instead
* Fixed some issues where saving wasn't possible
* Added a new button for saving the list you are editing
* Changed how saving works, and how users get notified on unsaved changes
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* Fixed another saving error
* All Options sections got information about them if you click the "Select option section to edit:" label.
* Better error handling
* Improved Editor design
* Fixed a bug where saving didn't work correctly
* New border and font for the list in the Options editor
* Fixed an issue where the Options Editor couldn't open
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* Fixed a bug where the editor thought you did changes after opening a Mob file
* Exporting Mobs to an existing YML now works, but you can't import a multiple mob yml yet.
* Fixed a bug where the editor could be opened even thought it was already opened
* Removed unused code and variables
* Fixed a bug when creating a new mob
* Removed "Save As -> .yml" in menu,
Replaced with "Save File" that saves the file you are currently editing or creating.
* Removed Raw Editor, Might be added again in later, if needed.
* Editor now longer asks the user to save the YML if creation is canceled
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* Fixed Serious bug with AIGoalSelectors and AITargetSelectors
* Added New Mob Option: Interactable
* Added new 1.11 Mob Types
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