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Model Engine ⊹  The Eroded Tyrant Of Deep Dark

Model Engine ⊹ The Eroded Tyrant Of Deep Dark 2022-10-24

Required Dependencies

If you need more features, you can leave a message for me as an update reference. (ゝ∀・)⌒☆

-Tested Minecraft&Plugins Versions►

Paper 1.18.2 + MythicMobs-5.1.4 + Model-Engine-R2.5.3​

Paper 1.19.2 + MythicMobs-5.1.4 + Model-Engine-R3.0.0​

-Resource pack description►

Use Golden Horse Armor CustomModelData 1-16 as skill model
Emissive materials require OptiFine
1.18.2 resource pack (4.67 MB) included Warden sound effects from 1.19.
Too large, the link has been provided to download from github.

-Skill description►

skill01 - Powerful smashing of the ground, the ground-shattering blow has a wither effect
skill01b - Attack in a different direction than skill01
skill02 - After the two fists are attacked separately, Spinning the body to create a whirlwind with wither effect
skill03 - Unleash a strong sonic boom forward, piercing walls and creatures, causing damage twice.
skill04 - Use both arms to slam the ground under feet, the broken ground will have a wither effect, and the target will be raised when close hands
skill04b - same as skill04 , change the direction to the front and attack in a large area
skill05 - emits a sharp roar, inflicting astonishing continuous damage and wither effect within the range
✱As a side note, if you defeat this boss super fast, it will marvel at your power and leave quickly...

-installation tutorial►​

-For assistance or consultation, please contact ►
E-mail: [email protected]
Discord: 宵閣玖鑰#5569
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