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[MOB] Bird

[MOB] Bird 0.4

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Hello guys!

This is my first mob for MythicMobs.
I really like making new mobs for minecraft.

This is very simple, I always wanted a new bird type on the sky.

Hope that it will works ok for you too, I tested it on 1.12.2 mc version.

If you would like to fix something just ask, I will try my better.

How it looks:

If killed, he can drop a feather, some wheat seeds,
or maybe a piece of bread.
He spawn only during the day and when the weather is clear.​

How to add the mob?
0) You don't need to stop the server
1) Download the resource
2) Unzip the files
3) Go to your plugin folder
4) Open the MythicMob folder
5) Put the file "Bird.yml" into the "Mob" Folder
6) Put the file "Birdhead.yml" into the Item Folder
7) Put the file "BirdDrops.yml" into the DropTable Folder
8) Put the file "randomBird.yml" into the RandomSpawners folder
9) execute the command /mm reload
10) execute the command /spawnmob Bird
11) Enjoy!
12) Leave a Review :) !


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Latest updates

  1. Fix ghast shoot

    The Bird will no longer shoot to players.
  2. Improvement on the style of flight

    Modified the style of flight in a more gentle and graceful way
  3. Improved spawning system

    I have modified the spawning system in the world in such a way that the mob is added to the...

Latest reviews

Awesome bird! I love custom mobs using heads. Keep up the good wok!

I've added it to my server and given you credit. ^_^
Credit: http://porkopolis.enjin.com/wiki/m/47234240/viewthread/31303304-credits

Thanks for your credit and review, appreciated :)
Very cute mob. Simple and to the point. I actually changed the name to Greenfinch on my server because it's a real species of bird and it would make sense since I have other birds on my server. I actually originally found this on Spigot since I spend most of my time there but I come here for mobs, too. The page is down right now, but if it comes back up, I'll be sure to leave you a good review there as well. Please do release more mobs! I love mobs like these.
Moderation on spigot removed it because they want only .jar files. Anyway I will do other mobs
haha I noticed that issue, went to a player on my server spawned in a bird to show it, first thing it did was go after him :X
didn't realise its ai was still as a ghast
ahahah thanks a lot :) This is intended to be passive. The problem was related to the ghast code. Myhitmobs AI doesn't work with the Ghast... this mob type is not modifiable. This is so ennoying, because the flying of the ghast is pretty better than a bat. but this is apparently the only flying mob that works. I opened a support request about this
Great job man! Bird looks nice :)
Thanks a lot Dante! :)