1. Endesman

    Corvack V1 - Corvid Gracks mobpack 1

    Technical trailer: Corvack adds an incredible combat experience perfect for mid-low families of mobs! Exceptionally optimized (Only6-7 bones each minion, and 13 bones for the brute), vanilla-friendly, and with advanced AI, will bring your hills/mountain biomes to life! Features a murder of...
  2. Nocsy

    Yokibird Pack 2022-03-24

    This pack includes : Baby Yokibird (6 color variations): Tameable with apples Grows up after feeding enough apples ✨ 5 animations (idle, walk, death, interactions) Adult Yokibird (6 color variations): Rideable Sprint skill (using Signal Stick of MCPets) 4 animations (idle, walk...
  3. Fargus

    [MOB] Bird 0.4

    Hello guys! This is my first mob for MythicMobs. I really like making new mobs for minecraft. This is very simple, I always wanted a new bird type on the sky. Hope that it will works ok for you too, I tested it on 1.12.2 mc version. If you would like to fix something just ask, I will try my...