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[Mob] Bandit - Incremental and Static mugging.

[Mob] Bandit - Incremental and Static mugging. 1.2

Required Dependencies
Uses Spigot 1.9+
MM version 2.4+

Recommended to use MythicMobsExtension

Requires HolographicDisplays if using MythicMobsExtension

Are you looking for some Bandits for your server?

The search ends here!

That's right Bandits, but not just any bandits no....
These bandits can steal your money!
"So what?" you say?
Well guess what? You can kill these bandits to retrieve all the money they have stolen. Even if they stole it from OTHER PLAYERS!

Check it out! Worth the download!
Watch as your players rage, then watch as that rage is quenched with satisfaction as they gun down their theif!

This resource contains:
- 1 Sword Bandit that spawns in support Bandits
- 1 normal Sword Bandit
- 1 Bow Bandit

This resource features:
- Incremental mugging system that allows the mob to reliably steal money from players multiple times.
- Static mugging system that allows the mob to steal just once.
- Skills that relay information to the player such as how much money the bandits have stolen and inform the player the money given back when they die!

How to implement in your server:

Just put the normal "Bandit" in your random spawns file!
When it spawns he will summon his buddies to ready an attack!

NOTE: I did not include persistence for Lag reasons.
If you would like for your bandits to wander the world without being removed and thus lose all the money they stole then please add the despawn false mob option and persistence.


Credit to Fly for showing me the stuff I needed to know to create this mob back in the first place!

Link to original Showcase thread. (Outdated code and outdated methods, but may be useful to some people:
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Latest updates

  1. Compatibility Update!

    Added support for 1.15-1.16.5 minecraft.
  2. Sounds Update

    Updated Sounds. Removed Zombie sounds and added ambient and damaged sounds.

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unable to take payment not set up
This has been fixed. My bad bro. :O
Amazing work, helps you with any problems your having.
Nice boss amazing for RPG items.
(Just a question, I bought the pack but if i loose the file i have to pay for it again? because i dont see an option of download just to purchase again)
No sir, once purchased you have it forever. I use a 3rd party payment gateway. This website cannot tell if you actually purchased the resource unfortunately. Just click the buy button again and be sure to log in with the same email you bought the resource with and you wont need to pay again. You can always reach me if you are still having trouble. Glad you enjoyed him! ^_^
Cool AF! Can't wait for more!
Thank you very much! :) More is on the way haha
Dante I am buying every single mob you got. No way am I missing out on your content. This stuff is pure gold and I know it will help me make my mobs even better! I thought I was good at this stuff, but no. I am far from where you are at. You are insane and I FREAKING LOVE IT!
Wow man! Thank you for the support! I am glad you enjoy them :) My goal is to help others make cooler mobs so I am glad to hear this helps you!
Dante your mobs are so beastly! How did you get this good? The bandit does indeed steal money! And with two different ways? Wowza haha your mobs teach me awesome things about mobscore mechanics :) Method 2 is confusing at first, but once you understand the formula behind it it is easy to change :D I am 100% satisfied! Great job!
Thanks Cypher haha I appreciate it! I have been around on MM for a while now and constantly try to keep pushing myself further and further!
I think that this version is pretty better that the oldest one. Good work
Thank you very much! More cool things to come!