1. Biguelendes

    [SUPREME BOSS] The Fallen Devastator 2022-11-12

    The #1 best seller pack returns with one of the most stunning bossfights ever! The Fallen devastator, an incredibly fast and brutal magician-soldier, comes from the land of shadows to bring terror to our realms! Designed with a very advanced AI, ornamented with gorgeous visual...
  2. D

    Yokai Pack 1.0

    Littleroom Presents... YOKAI PACK! From the East comes these all new haunting Yokai! chilling phantoms and demons roam the world with this new pack from LittleRoom! The Oni - A Hulking Yokai with a penchant for snuffing out the living with his mighty club and golden fist. The Tengu - A...
  3. D

    Captain Dead-Beard [Pirate Boss] 2.1.1

    CRACK YE LUNGS WITH BLOOD AND THUNDER! The accursed Cap'n Dead-Beard is on deck! LittleRoom's latest Monthly Mob via Patreon is now available, this dreadful exile is out for blood! Armed with his rusty hook and his deadly flintlock pistol, he will make sure ye land-lubbers never live to tell...
  4. D

    LittleRoom's Halloween Mobpack 1.0

    Introducing Little Room's latest Mob-Pack just in time for Halloween! Experience these latest bone-chilling creations to add spooky encounters for your players! Featuring a cast of classic monsters including: The Infamous Frankenstein's Monster! He's as large and omnious as the real deal...